26 Facts About Temsula Ao


Temsula Ao was a Naga poet, fiction writer, and ethnographer from India.

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Temsula Ao was a Professor of English at North Eastern Hill University from where she retired in 2010.

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Temsula Ao served as the Director of the North East Zone Cultural Centre between 1992 and 1997 on deputation from NEHU.

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Temsula Ao was awarded the Padma Shri award for her contribution to Literature and Education.

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Temsula Ao's works have been translated into Assamese, Bengali, French, German, Hindi, and Kannada.

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On 25 October 1945, Temsula was born to Imnamutongba Changkiri and Nokintemla Longkumer in Jorhat.

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Temsula Ao studied in Golaghat Girls' Mission for six years as a boarder.

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Temsula Ao completed her matriculation from Ridgeway Girls' High School in Golaghat.

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Temsula Ao received her B A with distinction from Fazl Ali College, Mokokchung, Nagaland, and M A in English from Gauhati University, Assam.

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Temsula Ao is the recipient of the Governor's Gold Medal 2009 from the government of Meghalaya.

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Temsula Ao was widely respected as one of the major literary voices in English to emerge from Northeast India along with Mitra Phukan and Mamang Dai.

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Temsula Ao's works have been translated into German, French, Assamese, Bengali and Hindi.

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Temsula Ao resisted clubbing of the Northeast as a composite identity.

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Temsula Ao learned about their culture, heritage and especially their oral tradition.

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Temsula Ao collected the myths, folktales, folklore, rituals, law, custom, belief system.

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Temsula Ao published a book of literary criticism Henry James' Quest for an Ideal Heroine.

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Temsula Ao made it clear that this did not mean abolishing of Customary Laws and they remain the bedrock of Naga society.

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Temsula Ao envisioned a special focus to make way for women into village councils, town committees, and Nagaland Legislative Assembly along with women's inheritance to parental property.

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Temsula Ao was addressing a legal awareness campaign at Kohima College.

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Temsula Ao called the campaign to acquaint young students to not only give security to their 'physical selves but to ensure their intellectual growth.

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Temsula Ao called people to report cases of abuse and ill-treatment of minors living as maids and domestic helps in Nagaland.

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Temsula Ao believed that the evil had to be investigated and addressed urgently.

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Temsula Ao pointed out that customary law are not well-equipped to deal with practices of human trafficking and police needed to intervene and play a role.

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Temsula Ao insisted on proper links between police, child rights agencies, labour department, social welfare departments, mental health agencies, and NGOs to curb human trafficking.

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Temsula Ao was a strong supporter of women's reservation in Nagaland.

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Temsula Ao was the guardian, the voice, and the mirror of the Naga society who brought the everyday lives of the Nagas blurred between insurgency and counter-insurgency in front of the world through her poetry, short stories, and memoirs.

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