25 Facts About Arvato


Arvato is a global services company headquartered in Gutersloh, Germany.

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The history of Arvato goes back to the printing and industry services division of Bertelsmann; the current name was introduced in 1999.

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Today, Arvato is one of eight divisions of Bertelsmann, the media, services and education group.

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In 2016, Arvato had about 68,463 employees and an overall turnover of 3.

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The name Arvato was a neologism with no special meaning.

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Arvato restructured its business in divisions for printing, distribution and logistics services, as well as storage media and information technology.

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One of the first clients was the district of East Riding of Yorkshire where Arvato managed local taxes and welfare payments, for example.

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Especially in Germany, Arvato won more clients for this division, including publishing houses as well as companies in the high-tech and information technology industry.

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Under his leadership, Arvato started the loyalty program DeutschlandCard, for example.

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Arvato increased its focus on high-tech, information technology, and e-commerce services, three rapidly growing markets, while printing stagnated.

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Under his leadership, Arvato acquired the insolvent e-commerce company Netrada in 2014, which led to a massive expansion in Arvato's market position in fashion logistics.

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Bertelsmann appointed Fernando Carro as CEO of Arvato; he became a member of the Executive Board of Bertelsmann.

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Since 2014, Arvato has been organized in so-called solution groups, which were introduced during the era of Achim Berg.

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Arvato provides services needed after the sale of third-party products to end users, such as the repair and preparation of devices.

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Since the 2000s, Arvato has helped fixing mobile phones, including devices from HTC Corporation.

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Arvato provides many services related to the logistics of marketing and sales materials and other documents.

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Arvato operates call centers and manages digital communication channels for its customers, for example.

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Arvato provides solutions for media, commerce, and several other industries.

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Arvato helps its clients with supply chain management, i e the provision of materials and products from manufacturing to the consumers.

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Human resources and compensation policies of Arvato have repeatedly been discussed: In 2005, Arvato Direct Services built a call center in Cottbus, Germany.

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Arvato was criticized for seeking more than usual financial support from the local employment agency.

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Arvato rejected criticism in this particular case because decisions have been discussed with Ver.

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In 2005, Arvato acquired the credit agency Infoscore, headquartered in Baden-Baden, Germany.

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Besides the credit ratings, data protection at Arvato Infoscore was the object of media coverage several times.

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The SWR provided evidence that Arvato Infoscore had used information from such penalty fares for credit ratings of some customers, too.

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