15 Facts About Ashanti Empire

1. The economy of the Ashanti Empire was mainly based on the trade of gold and slaves as well as agriculture, craft work and trade with markets up North.

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2. The Ashanti Empire fought several wars with neighboring kingdoms and lesser organized groups such as the Fante.

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3. Variant name "Ashanti Empire" comes from British reports transcribing "Asante" as the British heard it pronounced, as-hanti.

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4. The Ashanti Empire became tributaries of another Akan state, Denkyira but in the mid-17th century the Oyoko under Chief Oti Akenten started consolidating the Ashanti Empire clans into a loose confederation against the Denkyira.

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5. The southern part of the Ashanti Empire was covered with moist semi-deciduous forest whilst the Guinea savanna covered the northern part of the state.

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6. Predominant fauna or food rich wildlife and animal species encountered in the Ashanti Empire were the hen, sheep, goat, duck, turkey, rabbit, guinea fowl, fish, and the porcupine which became the national emblem of the state, as well as about thirty multipurpose flora species of trees and shrubs and over thirty-five ornamental plants which beautified the environs of Ashanti.

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7. From 1730 to 1770, the Ashanti Empire expanded north into the Savannah states of Gonja, Dagbon and Krakye.

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8. The Ashanti Empire controlled over 250,000 square kilometers while ruling approximately 3 million people.

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9. Unique among African armies, the Ashanti Empire deployed medical units to support their fighters.

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10. In 1806, the Ashanti Empire pursued two rebel leaders through Fante territory to the coast.

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11. In 1814 the Ashanti Empire launched an invasion of the Gold Coast, largely to gain access to European traders.

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12. The Ashanti Empire was established from the midlands down to the coast.

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13. In 1895, the Ashanti Empire turned down an unofficial offer to become a British protectorate.

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14. The British were victorious and the Ashanti Empire was forced to sign a treaty.

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15. The ordinary Ashanti Empire wore cotton whiles slaves dressed in black cloth.

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