15 Facts About Ashley Everett


In 2008, Ashley Everett was one of two featured dancers in the music video for "Single Ladies ", which amassed over 685 million YouTube views and became world-renowned for its dancing and choreography.


Distinguishable on stage by her curly, red afro, Ashley Everett has amassed a large following among Beyonce's fan base.


At the age of sixteen, Ashley Everett moved to New York City to train at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater.


Around two months later, Ashley Everett attended an open audition for Beyonce.


At seventeen Ashley Everett started working with Beyonce by dancing in music videos.


In 2008, Ashley Everett started by performing with one of her idols, Tina Turner, at the 2008 50th Annual Grammy Awards with Beyonce.


In 2011, Ashley Everett featured in three videos from Beyonce's 4.

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In 2012, Ashley Everett was one of the dancers on Glee in season 4, episode 16 during Naya Rivera's performance of Cold Hearted Snake.


On February 3,2013, Ashley Everett served as a lead backup dancer to the Super Bowl XLVII halftime show with Beyonce.


Two months after The Mrs Carter Show concluded, Ashley Everett was announced as the lead Dance Captain for Jay-Z and Beyonce's all stadium On the Run Tour.


In February 2016, Ashley Everett joined Beyonce at the Super Bowl for a second time during the Super Bowl 50 halftime show, with Beyonce and Bruno Mars acting as special guests for Coldplay's headlining performance.


In late 2014 Ashley Everett stated she was filming for the upcoming third season of the series.


In 2012 Ashley Everett featured in the finale episode of the second season of Shake It Up.


In 2013, Ashley Everett starred with Beyonce in the video to "Heaven" from the album Beyonce.


Outside of acting, Ashley Everett has appeared on television networks such as Fox 32 and WCIU-TV to be interviewed and teach news anchors dance moves, as well as promoting the relevant concert tours she was performing at on said interviews dates.