12 Facts About Atlante FC


Atlante FC has won three national league championships, two from their original home in Mexico City, and the most recent following their 2007 relocation to Cancun before eventually returning to Mexico City.

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Atlante FC was founded on April 18,1916, with the name Sinaloa by a group of young Mexican football enthusiasts, led by Refugio "El Vaquero" Martinez.

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In order for Atlante FC to be allowed into the league, it had to win several proof-matches against Toluca and America, two powerful football clubs.

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Atlante FC's popularity, continued to grow after the team was portrayed on the big screen in many films of Mexico's golden era of cinema.

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Poor level and irregular campaigns proceeded the selling, which led Atlante FC to be relegated from the Primera Division to Segunda Division in 1976.

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Nevertheless, a year later Atlante FC won its first continental title with the CONCACAF Champions' Cup against Suriname's Robinhood.

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Right from its ashes, and back to its homeground Estadio Ciudad de los Deportes, now rebaptized as Estadio Azulgrana, Atlante FC managed to make an incredible come back to the Primera Division, after 3 outstanding games against Pachuca in the final series for the Segunda Division Championship.

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On May 14,2007, Atlante FC officially left the Estadio Azteca because its games there were not profitable.

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On December 9,2007, only 5 months after arriving at its new venue, and after a great series of matches played by goalie Federico Vilar, as well as remarkable matches of Giancarlo Maldonado, Gabriel Pereyra, Javier Munoz, Jose Joel "El Chicharo" Gonzalez and Clemente Ovalle, Atlante FC earned its third championship, growing back its popularity nationwide and especially at its new home city, Cancun.

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Atlante FC won the Apertura 2007 Championship and by doing so, it qualified to the CONCACAF Champions' Cup 2008, where they were eliminated by Costa Rican Saprissa in the quarter-finals.

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Atlante FC was eliminated with a single-goal difference against eventual champions Aston Villa.

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Atlante FC was the last major figure since Hugo Sanchez's acquisition in 1995, and joined a select group of major international players to play for the club: Grzegorz Lato, Ruben "Raton" Ayala, Ricardo La Volpe, Cabinho, Miodrag Belodedici, Ilie Dumitrescu, and Faustino Asprilla.

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