10 Facts About Sinaloa


Sinaloa is traversed by many rivers, which carve broad valleys into the foothills.

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Sinaloa has a warm climate on the coast; moderately warm climate in the valleys and foothills; moderately cold in the lower mountains, and cold in the higher elevations.

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In ethnic composition, Sinaloa has received large historic waves of immigration from Europe and Asia .

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Main economic activities of Sinaloa are agriculture, fishing, livestock breeding, tourism and food processing.

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Sinaloa has on its license plates the image of a tomato, as the state is widely recognized for harvesting this particular fruit in great abundance from Los Mochis in the North to Culiacan in the central region of the state.

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Sinaloa is the most prominent state in Mexico in terms of agriculture and is known as "Mexico's breadbasket".

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Additionally, Sinaloa has the second largest fishing fleet in the country.

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Newspapers of Sinaloa include: El Debate de Culiacan, El Debate de Guamuchil, El Debate de Guasave, El Debate de los Mochis, El Debate de Mazatlan, El Sol de Culiacan, El Sol de Sinaloa, La I Noticias para Mi Culiacan, Noroeste, Noroeste de Mazatlan, and Primera Hora.

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Sinaloa is one of the few places where the ancient Mesoamerican ballgame is still played, in a handful of small, rural communities not far from Mazatlan.

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Sinaloa Cartel has significantly influenced the culture of Sinaloa.

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