37 Facts About Attuma


Attuma is a supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Attuma is an Atlantean nomadic warlord who is usually depicted as an enemy of Namor the Sub-Mariner, and is the father of the superhero Andromeda.

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Attuma believes he is the prophesied conqueror of the Atlantean Empire.

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Attuma was born as a member of a tribe of barbaric Atlanteans, who were banished from Atlantis ages ago.

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For unknown reasons Attuma was born with strength, endurance, and speed far superior to those of any normal Atlantean.

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Attuma quickly became leader of his tribe and declared that he would conquer the city of Atlantis as an ancient prophecy predicted.

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Attuma had an illegitimate daughter, Andromeda by a woman named Lady Gelva, but he did not know she gave birth to his only child until confronted by Andromeda.

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Attuma was disappointed to learn he had a child who wasn't a boy and was disgusted to find out Lady Gelva was the mother as he saw her as a "bullocked whale".

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Andromeda would later challenge her father as is the right of every first born male child, Attuma allowed the challenge to proceed because Andromeda had been raised as a warrior.

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Attuma won the challenge but Andromeda was kidnapped by Ghaur before Attuma could kill her.

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Attuma gathered his troops and attacked Atlantis, and was defeated by Namor the Sub-Mariner, the Prince of Atlantis and his allies the Fantastic Four.

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Attuma developed a super-weapon with which to invade the surface world, but was foiled by Iron Man.

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Attuma was among the villains assembled by Doctor Doom using a mind-control device in one of his attempts to destroy the Fantastic Four.

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Attuma created tidal waves in another attempted invasion of the surface world, and was this time defeated by the Avengers, after they were alerted by the kidnap of the Wasp, although Attuma nearly succeeded in drowning them.

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Attuma enslaved the nomadic Atlanteans after the destruction of Atlantis.

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Attuma allied with the Red Ghost, and used mind-controlled sea creatures in another attempted conquest of the surface world, and was this time defeated by the Defenders.

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Attuma then enslaved the Avengers to use them against Namor, but unintentionally instigated a battle between the Avengers and Doctor Doom.

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Attuma was hired with his men as mercenaries to end the Atlantean civil war.

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Several Atlantean nobles battled for the throne, but Attuma took the throne and became the new ruler of Atlantis.

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Attuma's rule was not a popular one though and Attuma kidnapped Marrina Smallwood, Namor's new wife to embarrass Namor in the eyes of the Atlantean people.

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Attuma ended the battle when he realized that Namor was happy with Marrina and did not want to return to Atlantis.

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Attuma did swear vengeance against the superheroes who had allied against him and joined the Lethal Legion, a group of supervillains, shortly afterwards.

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Attuma battled Iron Man and Namor, and then learned that the superhero Andromeda was his estranged daughter.

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Attuma mobilized his troops for an assault against the United States.

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Attuma fought his daughter and defeated her in personal combat, but Ghaur spirited her away.

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Ghaur and Llyra tricked him though and while Attuma attacked the surface world, battling Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four, Ghaur and Llyra attacked Atlantis and killed a large part of the population as a sacrifice to their god Set.

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Attuma was put on trial, but made his way back to Atlantis.

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Shortly afterwards, Attuma briefly lost control of Atlantis and Namor returned to the throne, but Attuma regained the throne of Atlantis, when Namor was cursed as one of the Defenders, a curse which would transport Namor away whenever the Defenders were needed and leave Atlantis undefended.

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Attuma formed the group Deep Six to defend Atlantis from Namor and the Defenders.

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Attuma returned to his barbarian hordes and would make other attempts to conquer Atlantis and the surface world, but without any success.

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One such attempt would come after Attuma allied his Barbarian hordes with the forces of the futuristic conqueror Kang.

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Attuma was confronted by the Sentry, but before Attuma could finish boasting of his plans, the Sentry beheaded him.

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Attuma is able to lift it and becomes Nerkodd: Breaker of Oceans.

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Attuma is a skilled Atlantean warrior, trained in the use of many different weapons.

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Attuma is an expert hand-to-hand combatant, especially underwater, and has achieved mastery in the use of most Atlantean weapons.

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Attuma usually prefers his three-pronged iron sword, but he has access to highly advanced weaponry.

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Zombie Attuma makes an appearance in Dead Days on one panel fighting the Thing alongside Namor.

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