11 Facts About Aubagne


Aubagne is a commune in the southern French department of Bouches-du-Rhone.

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Aubagne was the main city of the former Agglomeration community of Pays d'Aubagne et de l'Etoile; it has been part of the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis since 2016.

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Aubagne was the first commune in France to be completely surrounded by autoroutes: the A50 autoroute Marseille-Toulon, the A52 autoroute to Aubagne-Aix-en-Provence, and the connecting motorway A501.

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In 2009, Aubagne made bus travel zero-fare, a scheme which was extended to the tramway following its opening.

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Between 1965 and 2014, Aubagne has elected three Communist mayors: the municipal council is composed mainly of communist, socialist, and other left-leaning members.

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Agenda 21 sets the terms and conditions for sustainable development in Aubagne which includes providing free public transit, offering a recycling program, encouraging energy conservation and energy demand management, launching awareness campaigns in schools to promote sustainable development and eco-citizenship, and giving incentives for purchasing solar panels.

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City of Aubagne conducts its environmental, social, and economic policies in collaboration with neighbouring communities to help enhance sustainable development and improve living conditions.

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In 2009 Aubagne municipality renegotiated certain loans considered "toxic" which were based on risky products contracted with ABN AMRO bank .

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Aubagne is part of the "Top 20" of towns who have increased their taxes the most in 2012.

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Aubagne is the birthplace of Marcel Pagnol, home to the University of Image and Sound, 9 cinemas, and an International Film Festival.

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Aubagne is referred to frequently in the film Manon des Sources.

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