15 Facts About Auckland CBD


Auckland CBD is one of the most densely developed places in New Zealand, with many commercial and some residential developments packed into a space of only 433 hectares.

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The Auckland CBD is to a substantial part located on reclaimed land of the Waitemata Harbour.

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Town of Auckland CBD was created in 1840 with the first European colonisation of the area, marked by an official ceremony on the now non-existent Point Britomart.

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CBD of Auckland has been the leading centre of New Zealand's business and economic development for nearly two centuries.

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The area of today's CBD was the site of the original European settlement of Auckland, oriented along the coastline and then Queen Street, in a southward direction.

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Much of this growth has been driven by immigration to New Zealand, particularly from Asia, and the Auckland CBD is the area in New Zealand with the highest percentage share of the Asian ethnic group in New Zealand.

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However, in spite of the general perception of the Auckland CBD being safe, there was a feeling that crime had risen somewhat in the last five years.

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Auckland CBD remains attractive to shops, partially due to the very high pedestrian numbers on the main shopping streets like Queen Street, where footfalls are estimated to be up to 10 times as high as on Broadway in Newmarket, seen as Queen Street's closest rival.

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Auckland CBD has a higher share of employment in large firms than other areas in Auckland.

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Over half of the large firms in Auckland CBD are in office-based sectors and are in the Downtown and Waterfront areas of the CBD.

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In 2006, from late September to early October, the airline moved employees out of the four buildings it occupied in Auckland CBD and relocated them to the new headquarters in the Wynyard Quarter.

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The CBD has many of the English language schools for non-native English speakers which form a significant part of Auckland's education business.

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Historically, much of the transport to and around the Auckland CBD post-1950s was by private vehicles, partly because the Auckland CBD provides numerous parking buildings and parking spaces associated with office buildings, and is almost totally surrounded by motorways.

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Auckland CBD Council has begun the construction phase of the City Rail Link.

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Main street of the Auckland CBD is Queen Street, which was upgraded between 2006 and 2008 to modernise it and make it more pedestrian friendly.

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