12 Facts About Audi RS3


The Audi RS3 A3 was the eighth model in the Audi RS3 lineup to use five valves per cylinder.

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In 1999 Audi RS3 expanded the range with the introduction of more powerful versions: a 1.

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Audi RS3 released the A3-derived Audi RS3 S3 in 1999, only as a three-door hatchback.

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At the 2003 Geneva Motor Show, Audi RS3 launched the second generation of the A3, the Typ 8P, designed by Gary Telaak during 2000 .

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Audi RS3 offers both six-speed manual and six-speed S-Tronic automatic transmissions with the S3.

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Audi RS3 introduced a number of changes to the A3 and S3 in 2008.

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Audi RS3 A3 TDI Clubsport quattro is a concept car unveiled in 2008.

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Chassis has Audi RS3's Magnetic Ride Suspension system, lowering the vehicle 1.

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In Malaysia, the Audi RS3 A3 was launched in 2014 and sold as two models - a 1.

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In May 2013 Audi confirmed its decision to produce a plug-in hybrid version of the A3, the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron, which was scheduled for retail sales in Europe by late 2013, and by mid 2014 in the U S and the UK.

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Audi RS3 discontinued the A3 PHEV Sportback e-tron in Europe in November 2018.

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The Audi RS3 can be ordered with a fixed-suspension or an adjustable magnetic damper.

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