14 Facts About Audubon Society


Together with Cornell, Audubon Society created eBird, an online database for bird observation.

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The national committee of Audubon societies was organized at a meeting held in Washington, D C in 1902.

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Audubon Society activities are responsible for many laws for the establishment of game commissions and game warden forces, or prohibiting the sale of game.

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Audubon Society was a World War I aviator and ardent bird lover, and a businessman, and he set about to invigorate the society and bolster its budget prosperity through publication.

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Today, Audubon Society selects outstanding women in conservation to receive its prestigious Rachel Carson Award.

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Audubon Society Medal is given in recognition of outstanding achievement in the field of conservation and environmental protection.

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In 2011, Audubon Society created a new model for positioning energy transmission lines along the East Coast to help preserve bird and wildlife habitat.

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Audubon Society's Important Bird Area program has been protecting 370 million acres along migratory bird flyways in the United States and is a key part of Audubon Society's work with BirdLife International and other conservationists around the globe.

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Audubon Society has begun to certify bird-friendly ranching facilities, such as the Blue Nest Beef enterprise in order to provide consumers with a method of determining the environmental credentials of the businesses advertising that they are providing "bird-friendly", "grass-fed", and similar products, as options for beef that is raised sustainably and benefits wildlife habitat.

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Audubon Society has recently expanded its outreach about the detrimental impact of invasive species like Norway maples, Tatarian honeysuckle and other ecological threats to human health and wildlife.

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The presence of oil and gas drilling on Audubon Society's sanctuaries has been used to illustrate the difference between private and public decision-making.

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In September 2014, the Audubon Society released its Audubon Birds and Climate Change report which found that expected changes to North American climate will have a major, detrimental impact on birds in the United States.

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John James Audubon was a body snatcher who collected human skulls to assist the race supremacist work of Samuel G Morton.

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The Audubon Society has publicly supported the removal of Confederate monuments, including acknowledging that "it's not just an issue of physical monuments", the organization has not commented about its plans to remove the name Audubon as its namesake.

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