48 Facts About Cornell


Cornell University is a private Ivy League and statutory land-grant research university, based in Ithaca, New York.

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Cornell is one of the few private land grant universities in the United States.

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Since its founding, Cornell has been a co-educational, non-sectarian institution where admission has not been restricted by religion or race.

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Cornell developed as a technologically innovative institution, applying its research to its own campus and to outreach efforts.

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Since 1894, Cornell has included colleges that are state funded and fulfill statutory requirements; it has administered research and extension activities that have been jointly funded by state and federal matching programs.

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Cornell was among the Ivies that had heightened student activism during the 1960s, related to cultural issues, civil rights, and opposition to the Vietnam War; with protests and occupations resulting in the resignation of Cornell's president and the restructuring of university governance.

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Cornell is known for the Residential Club Fire of 1967, a fire in the Residential Club dormitory that killed eight students and one professor.

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Cornell has been rated "A-" by the 2011 College Sustainability Report Card for its environmental and sustainability initiatives.

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Cornell is a non-profit organization governed by a 64-member Board of Trustees consisting of both privately and publicly appointed trustees.

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Cornell is decentralized, with its colleges and schools exercising wide autonomy.

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Several other universities have used Cornell as their model, including Stanford University, the University of Sydney in Australia, and the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom; the last did so on the recommendation of one of its financiers, Andrew Carnegie, who was a Cornell Trustee.

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University operates eCornell, which offers both certificate programs and professional development courses online.

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Cornell is a large, primarily residential research university with a majority of enrollments in undergraduate programs.

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In December 2010, Cornell announced a policy of matching any grant component of financial aid offers from other Ivy League schools, MIT, Duke University or Stanford, if an accepted applicant is trying to decide between Cornell and those other schools.

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Cornell is a member of the United Nations Academic Impact aligning institutions of higher education to the United Nations and promoting international cooperation.

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Cornell is the only US member school in the CEMS Alliance, and the Cornell Master's in international Management is the only programme in the US to offer the CEMS Master's in International Management as a double degree option, allowing students to study at one of 34 prestigious CEMS partner universities.

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Cornell offers undergraduate curricula with international focuses, including the Africana Studies, Asian-Pacific American Studies French Studies, German Studies, Jewish Studies, Latino studies, Near Eastern Studies, Romance studies, and Russian Literature majors.

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Cornell has an agreement with Peking University allowing students in the CAPS major to spend a semester in Beijing.

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Cornell offers a course on International consulting in association with Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

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Cornell has partnered with Queen's University in Canada to offer a joint Executive MBA.

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Cornell has an ILR exchange program with institutions such as Bocconi University and the University of Warwick.

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In 2020 Cornell ranked 7th in the US according to QS World University Rankings and 9th according to Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

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In 2015, Cornell ranked 8th domestically and 10th internationally in the CWUR rankings.

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Cornell ranked 14th in the world in the 2018 edition of the QS World University Rankings and 19th globally in the 2017 edition of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

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Cornell was ranked 8th nationally in The Washington Monthly's 2022 ranking of universities' contributions to research, community service, and social mobility.

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In 2015, Cornell was ranked third in New York State by average professor salaries.

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Cornell is classified among "R1: Doctoral Universities – Very high research activity".

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Cornell was on the top-ten list of U S universities receiving the most patents in 2003, and was one of the nation's top five institutions in forming start-up companies.

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Further, Cornell researchers discovered the rings around the planet Uranus, and Cornell built and operated the telescope at Arecibo Observatory located in Arecibo, Puerto Rico until 2011, when they transferred the operations to SRI International, the Universities Space Research Association and the Metropolitan University of Puerto Rico.

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Cornell scientists have researched the fundamental particles of nature for more than 70 years.

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Cornell United Religious Work is a collaboration among many diverse religious traditions, helping to provide spiritual resources throughout a student's time at college.

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Cornell began experiments with co-ed dormitories in 1971 and continued the tradition of residential advisors within the campus system.

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In 2018, Cornell announced its North Campus Residential Expansive project.

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Additionally, Cornell has several housing areas for graduate and professional students.

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Cornell has 35 varsity intercollegiate teams that have the nickname of the Big Red.

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An NCAA Division I institution, Cornell is a member of the Ivy League and ECAC Hockey and competes in the Eastern College Athletic Conference, the largest athletic conference in North America.

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Cornell offers a variety of professional and peer counseling services to students.

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Formerly called Gannett Health Services until its name change in 2016, Cornell Health offers on-campus outpatient health services with emergency services and residential treatment provided by Cayuga Medical Center.

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For most of its history, Cornell provided residential medical care for sick students, including at the historic Sage Infirmary.

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Cornell EMS provides stand-by service for university events and provides CPR, First Aid and other training seminars to the Cornell community.

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In May 2013, Cornell indicated that it planned to set up nets, which will extend out 15 feet, on five of the university's bridges.

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Cornell narrated and co-wrote the PBS series Cosmos, the Emmy Award- and Peabody Award-winning show that became the most watched series in public-television history.

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Cornell wrote the novel Contact, the basis for a 1997 film of the same name, and he won a Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence.

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Cornell has twice been named a "Great College to Work For" by The Chronicle of Higher Education, due to receiving high ratings in compensation and benefits, connection to institution and pride, faculty-administration relations, job satisfaction, and post-retirement benefits.

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In 2015, Cornell ranked No 5 nationwide for gifts and bequests from alumni.

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Cornell alumni are noted for their accomplishments in public, professional, and corporate life.

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Cornell went on to pen best sellers such as Slaughterhouse-Five and Cat's Cradle.

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Media personalities who have graduated from Cornell include conservative Ann Coulter and liberals Bill Maher and Keith Olbermann .

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