18 Facts About Aurora Ontario


Machell proposed to rename the town "Match-Ville", ostensibly for the match factory in the town, but the name Aurora Ontario was more popular and ultimately chosen as the town's name.

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Since then, Aurora Ontario has grown considerably, with new developments stretching the built boundary of the town to be contiguous with Newmarket in the north and Highway 404 in the east.

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Aurora Ontario's downtown has suffered economically over the years as a result of recent developments.

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Aurora Ontario is noted for preserving its historical built form in the older parts of town and in 2008 was awarded The Prince of Wales Prize for Municipal Heritage Leadership.

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Northeast Old Aurora Ontario was designated in 2006 as a provincial Heritage Conservation District.

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Aurora Ontario is situated just north of the Oak Ridges Moraine and borders Newmarket in the north, Richmond Hill in the south, King City in the west and Whitchurch–Stouffville in the east.

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Aurora Ontario is served by schools from three publicly funded school boards: the York Region District School Board, the York Catholic District School Board, and Conseil scolaire catholique MonAvenir .

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Aurora Ontario residents have access to a wide range of other educational facilities including daycares and nurseries.

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The Aurora Ontario Public Library is a public library funded and operated by the town.

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Large area in the southeastern part of Aurora is designated as protected under Ontario Government's Greenbelt legislation which enforces limits on growth in designated Green Belt locations.

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The stretch of Yonge Street within Aurora Ontario has been designated as a "Regional Corridor" by York Region and will likely accommodate the majority of intensification, with upgrades to the Viva bus rapid transit system being anticipated.

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Regional Municipality of York has proposed the area surrounding Aurora Ontario GO Station to be designated as a Major Transit Station Area .

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Major roads running through Aurora Ontario include Bathurst Street at its western border, Yonge Street, Bayview Avenue, Leslie Street, Bloomington Road at the southern border with The City of Richmond Hill, Wellington Street, and St Johns Sideroad located approximately 100 metres south of the border with The Town of Newmarket.

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Town of Aurora Ontario is serviced by York Region Transit, including several local routes as well as its Viva Blue Bus Rapid Transit service.

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Aurora Ontario GO Station is a stop on GO Transit's Barrie Line.

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Aurora Ontario has a long history of theatre, with its own community theatre group, Theatre Aurora Ontario.

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Aurora Ontario armoury is a recognized Federal Heritage building, listed in 1991 on the Register of the Government of Canada Heritage Buildings.

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Aurora Ontario is home to Hillary House and Koffler Museum of Medicine.

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