11 Facts About Austar


Austar provided subscription television services in a service area of approximately 2.

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Austar is owned by Foxtel, which acquired the company in 2012.

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The transition was completed in 2014, when all Austar branding was replaced with the current Foxtel moniker.

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Austar was involved with providing services to Sega Channel in Australia in partnership with Namco Bandai Partners, a joint venture between Sega, Ozisoft, and Foxtel.

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The Austar shares were suspended on the Australian Securities Exchange as of 16 April 2012, and were delisted from the ASX on 27 April 2012.

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Austar Featured on Demand used to deliver Austar shows – on demand – to the MyStar each week free of charge with a MyStar subscription.

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Austar AnyWhere was Austar's online TV service, which allowed customers to watch or download full-length programs online.

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Austar planned to use MyStar HD as its cornerstone set-top box, with true video-on-demand launched in 2010, and more access to web content becoming available after that time, building up to a complete interface redesign for its set-top boxes in late 2011 or early 2012.

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MyStar had ongoing technical issues which have plagued the system since release; however, Austar have said that "they have a huge team of people that will actively jump onto any issues as soon as they are reported to the call centre".

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In 2005, Austar United and wireless internet provider Unwired announced a deal to swap spectrum under either company's control to allow for interoperable wireless broadband services across the country.

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In 2006, Austar United and Unwired together with Soul Coverged Telecommunications formed AUSalliance for the purposes of obtaining funding from the Australian Government's Broadband Connect Infrastructure Program and rolling out a regional broadband network.

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