44 Facts About Foxtel


Foxtel is an Australian pay television company—operating in cable television, direct broadcast satellite television, and IPTV streaming services.

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On 23 October 1995, Foxtel commenced a 20 channel service, delivered over the Telstra Hybrid Fibre Coaxial network.

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In June 1998, Foxtel was able to significantly boost its customer base by acquiring Galaxy subscribers from the liquidator of Australis Media and immediately commenced supplying programming to Galaxy's subscribers on an interim basis.

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In February 1999, Foxtel began offering its own satellite service to new customers.

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In June 2017, Foxtel announced that it would be undergoing a major rebrand – the first in its 22-year history – as part of a move to convey an image that "Foxtel is for everyone".

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On 26 February 2022, Foxtel suspended broadcast distribution of the Russian television network RT in Australia.

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In late September 2022, Foxtel to extend their partnership with WWE to became Australia's exclusive home of WWE.

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Foxtel to relocate WWE Network into Foxtel's Binge streaming service in January 2023, awhile to launch its dedicated linear TV channel in December 2022.

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Foxtel grew rapidly in 2007, with most of Foxtel's highest-ever rating events being broadcast that year, including the 2007 AFC Asian Cup quarter-final between Australia and Japan, which drew an average of 419,000 viewers, an Australian pay television record at that time.

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Telstra's network and Foxtel were created to combat the threat posed to Telstra's local call business by the combination of Optus TV content bundling with Optus' local telephony services; Foxtel was the content arm of Telstra's defence strategy, while Telstra's multimedia broadband network was originally the sole delivery system.

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Foxtel announced its maiden annual profit in 2006, more than 10 years after it commenced services.

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In 2007, Network 10 formed an agreement with Foxtel to allow them to carry a digital version of Ten's programming.

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In November 2014, Foxtel added 2 new SD channels, 9 new HD channels and rebranded 2 sports channels to satellite and cable subscribers.

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Foxtel defines a virtual channel order that groups channels by their content.

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TV1 and SF ceased transmission at 11:59pm, 31 December 2013 after Foxtel chose not to renew their contracts as they wanted to bring as many channels in house as they did with their movie offerings.

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Foxtel subscribers are able to access live and on-demand content within packages they are subscribed to through the internet via Foxtel Go.

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Foxtel Go was launched after the success of its London 2012 app, which simulcast 8 live high definition channels that were offered on the standard Foxtel service.

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The service has no time limits; Mobile Foxtel offers only 15 minutes of programming per session, or a maximum 200 minutes per month.

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Foxtel Go offers an on demand service for most channels listed above including sports channels.

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Foxtel Now is an internet television alternative to the traditional Foxtel subscription, offering customers a no lock in contract subscription starting at $10.

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Foxtel's magazine is Australia's most-read paid-for monthly magazine, with a monthly reach of about 700,000.

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Streamotion Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Foxtel that develops and operates over-the-top subscription streaming services.

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Kayo Sports is Foxtel's subscription streaming service for its sports content.

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Binge is Foxtel's entertainment focused streaming service that was launched on 25 May 2020.

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Foxtel announced their high definition service, originally called Foxtel HD+, on 30 January 2008.

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Foxtel launched eight new high definition movie channels on 1 January 2013, replacing the five existing high definition movie channels from Showtime and The Movie Network.

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Foxtel added another high definition movie channel with More Movies HD launching on 1 July 2016.

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On 1 October 2009, Foxtel launched an online download service which allows all cable and satellite customers to access Foxtel content via their computer.

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Foxtel Download was discontinued in September 2012, with the service no longer being available to subscribers.

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Foxtel launched in November 2010 for the Xbox 360 games console, offering 38 channels, catch-up television and on-demand movie streaming.

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In 2014, Foxtel launched a movie streaming operation Presto, which was initially priced at $19.

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Foxtel announced the Presto service will be closed in January 2017, and customers moved to a Foxtel Now service.

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Foxtel devices are manufactured by Pace plc on behalf of Foxtel - they have manufactured a variety of devices including:.

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Foxtel has phased out the standard boxes for all new installations and provides the iQ3, iQ4 or iQ5 instead.

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Foxtel iQ includes a feature called Series Link, which lets the viewer choose to record all future episodes in a given television series.

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Foxtel iQ allows viewers to use live rewind and pause features during television programmes.

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On 2 November 2011, Foxtel started notifying subscribers of the option to upgrade to a 1TB model with 4 times the recording capacity.

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Foxtel denied such claims along with rumours that up to 2,000 iQ3 boxes were quickly launched in response to market rival Netflix launching in Australia in April 2015.

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Foxtel launched Foxtel 4K—a dedicated 4K channel on 7 October 2018, with the broadcast of the Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000.

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IQ5 is Foxtel's latest set top box which came out in September 2021 and can operate in two different modes depending on what service is available at customer's premises.

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When Foxtel was launched in 1995, advertising during programmes was banned under Australian Government legislation for the first two years.

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Foxtel has since significantly increased advertising across its platform, although still today legislation prevents Foxtel and other pay TV businesses from earning more than 50 per cent of their revenue from advertising.

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Foxtel prevents users from using their subscription card in a third-party decoder, and requires all users to watch the service on a supplied set-top box, included with the subscription, however some users have reported being able to watch certain channels on a computer with a DVB-C card and using sasc-ng to decrypt the video content using card readers to read the decoding keys stored on the card used in Foxtel's iQ.

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On 24 May 2012, Foxtel merged with Austar, resulting in Foxtel gaining Austar's shares in XYZnetworks, as well as their shares in Main Event.

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