30 Facts About WWE


World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc, commonly shortened to its trade name WWE, is an American professional wrestling promotion.

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WWE is additionally involved in licensing its intellectual property to companies to produce video games and action figures.

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WWE invited celebrities such as Mr T, Muhammad Ali, and Cyndi Lauper to participate in the event, as well as securing a deal with MTV to provide coverage.

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WWE maintained control of the XFL trademark before McMahon reclaimed the XFL brand, this time under a separate shell company from WWE, in 2017 with intent to relaunch the XFL in 2020.

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Two years later, WWE adapted a more family-friendly format and their programming received a TV-PG rating.

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WWE noted that their new company model was put into effect with the relaunch of Tough Enough, being a non-scripted program and with the launch of the WWE Network .

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WWE subsequently launched its UK-based brand as an offshoot of NXT, NXT UK, in June 2018, with Johnny Saint serving as inaugural general manager.

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In March 2020, WWE began to be impacted by the American onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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WWE executives took a pay cut, and the company has suspended construction on its new headquarters for at least six months.

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DeSantis's claimed WWE was "essential", which meant that the company's revenues loss would be limited.

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WWE keeps all wrestlers' salary, employment length, benefits, and all other contract details strictly private.

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WWE classifies its professional wrestlers as independent contractors and not as employees.

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However, as a result of WWE terming them as independent contractors, "the wrestlers are denied countless benefits to which they would otherwise be entitled".

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In September 2020, WWE reportedly told wrestlers that they could no longer "engage with outside third parties", such as Cameo, and claimed that the WWE "owns the real names of talent, not just their character names".

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In December 2021, WWE revealed a new recruitment contract for athletes who are currently attending college.

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WWE has traded on the NYSE since its launch under ticker symbol WWE.

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The suit alleged that Wittenstein violated a non-disclosure agreement and shared confidential information with the WWE which represented a comparative advantage in negotiating with wrestling talent under contract with TNA.

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The suit alleges that WWE pressured Vice TV to withdraw from negotiations with MLW.

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In 2005, WWE's programming moved back to USA Network and maintains its relationship to this day.

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In 2003, WWE won a limited decision to continue marketing certain classic video games from THQ and Jakks Pacific that contained the WWF "scratch" logo.

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In October 2017, WWE used the tagline "Unleash Your Warrior" when promoting Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

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Since Warrior's death, WWE has been accused of whitewashing and ignoring Warrior's bigoted and controversial past comments.

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WWE has been accused of contributing to Saudi Arabia's discrimination of LGBT people and women by holding events in the country.

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WWE uses a variety of special terms in promoting their product, such as describing the wrestling industry as sports entertainment.

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In March 2015, WWE announced a partnership with Authentic Brands Group to relaunch Tapout, formerly a major MMA-related clothing line, as a more general "lifestyle fitness" brand.

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In 1997, WWE would do business with Japan's Michinoku Pro Wrestling, bringing in MPW talent to compete in the company's light heavyweight division and in their 1997 Light Heavyweight Championship tournament.

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In 2015, WWE entered a partnership with Evolve – a U S independent promotion that WWE uses as a scouting group for potential signees for the NXT brand.

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In 2016, WWE partnered with England's Progress Wrestling with Progress hosting qualifying matches for WWE's Cruiserweight Classic.

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In 2017, Progress talent would participate in the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament and at WWE's WrestleMania Axxess events.

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In October 2018, WWE hosted German tryouts at the wXw Wrestling Academy.

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