14 Facts About Austral Islands


Austral Islands are the southernmost group of islands in French Polynesia, an overseas country of the French Republic in the South Pacific.

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Geographically, they consist of two separate archipelagos, namely in the northwest the Tupua'i islands consisting of the Iles Maria, Rimatara, Rurutu, Tupua'i Island proper and Ra'ivavae, and in the southeast the Bass Austral Islands composed of the main island of Rapa Iti and the small Marotiri .

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Prehistory of the Austral Islands is largely in the dark, as only a few archaeological excavations have been carried out so far.

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However, due to their peripheral location in the Polynesian Triangle, scholars suspect that the Austral Islands were colonized relatively late, possibly by visitors from the Society Islands, Mangareva, or the Cook Islands.

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Austral Islands's report was known to Fletcher Christian, the leader of the mutineers on the Bounty.

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Austral Islands left as governor one of his Tahitian chiefs, who prepared the ground for the LMS Protestant missionaries who followed from Moorea a year later.

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Tuha'a Pae or Austral Islands are the southernmost group of islands in French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France in the South Pacific.

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Geographically, the administrative subdivision of the Austral Islands is identical with the constituency of the Austral Islands, one of French Polynesia's six constituencies for the Assembly of French Polynesia.

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Southern Bass Austral Islands have a have a tropical rainforest climate, bordering on a very-mild winter humid subtropical climate .

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Flora of the Austral Islands has already been modified mainly by the Polynesian aborigines.

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Politically, the Austral Islands today belong to French Polynesia and are therefore affiliated with the EU.

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Traces of culture originating from the Austral Islands are quite numerous and the works of art produced there have often been judged as the most remarkable produced in Polynesia However, almost none of these works can be found on these islands but in renowned museums in Western countries.

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Best known work of art stolen from the Austral Islands is certainly the sculpture of the God A'a, discovered in Rurutu and currently exhibited at the British Museum in London.

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Austral Islands are known for their large vertical drums or "pahu" often decorated with human figures that often welcomed Christian explorers or missionaries.

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