11 Facts About Australian art


Australian art is any art made in or about Australia, or by Australians overseas, from prehistoric times to the present.

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Australia has produced many notable artists of both Western and Indigenous Australian schools, including the late-19th-century Heidelberg School plein air painters, the Antipodeans, the Central Australian Hermannsburg School watercolourists, the Western Desert Art Movement and coeval examples of well-known High modernism and Postmodern art.

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Rock Australian art can be found within protected parks in urban areas such as Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park in Sydney.

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Australian art remains notable for his artworks which recorded traditional Aboriginal ways for the education of Westerners .

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Australian art's work has been regarded as softening the landscape to fit European sensibilities.

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Australian art was influenced by the Barbizon school painters, and so using a plein air technique, and a more domesticated and settled view of the land, in contrast to the emphasis on strangeness or danger prevalent in earlier painters.

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Crucially, it opened an art school, important for the following generations of Australian-born and raised artists.

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Origins of a distinctly Australian art painting tradition is often associated with the Heidelberg School of the late 19th century.

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Central themes of their Australian art include manual labour, conquering the land, and an idealisation of the rural pioneer.

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Australian art wrote letters home to his friend, Tom Roberts, updating him on developments in French impressionism.

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Market for Aboriginal Australian art is still very strong, on the national and international stage, since becoming a solid financial investment in the 1980s.

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