12 Facts About Heidelberg


The first reference to Heidelberg can be found in a document in Schonau Abbey dated to 1196.

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In 1386, Heidelberg University was founded by Rupert I, Elector Palatine.

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In 1720, after assigning a major church for exclusively Catholic use, religious conflicts with the mostly Protestant inhabitants of Heidelberg caused the Roman Catholic Prince-Elector Charles III Philip to transfer his court to nearby Mannheim.

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Between 1920 and 1933, Heidelberg University became a center of notable physicians Czerny, Erb, and Krehl; and humanists Rohde, Weber, and Gandolf.

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Campus of Heidelberg University has a total undergraduate enrollment of 30, 898 as of 2014.

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The Schiller International University, a private American university is represented with a campus in Heidelberg offering several undergraduate and graduate programs in the fields of International Business and International Relations and Diplomacy.

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Since 14 December 2003, Heidelberg has been connected to the network of the Rhine-Neckar S-Bahn, which opens up the entire Rhine-Neckar region, with lines connecting with the Palatinate, the Saarland and southern Hesse.

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The move from Heidelberg took place in 2012 and 2013, and was completed in 2014.

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The situation has slightly improved since late 2017, when Heidelberg got a new multiplex adjacent to the new Bahnstadt development, the "Luxor Filmpalast".

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In 1901 Wilhelm Meyer-Forster wrote the play Old Heidelberg which was followed by a large number of film adaptations.

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Rugby League Deutschland has two teams based in Heidelberg, Heidelberg Sharks formed in 2005 and Rohrbach Hornets formed in 2007.

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City is home to the USC Heidelberg, which won 9 German Basketball Championships and remains the second most successful team in the history of German professional basketball.

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