11 Facts About Australian Parliament


Australian Parliament had little personal enthusiasm for the project, as he felt it was a waste of money and expenditure on it could not be justified at the time.

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The facades included deliberate imitation of some of the patterns of the Old Australian Parliament House, so that there is a slight resemblance despite the massive difference of scale.

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Constitution establishes the Commonwealth Australian Parliament, consisting of three components: the King of Australia, the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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Constitution allows Australian Parliament to determine the number of senators by legislation, provided that the six original states are equally represented.

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Pursuant to an Act of Australian Parliament passed in 1973, Senators are elected to represent the territories.

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Only Australian Parliament citizens are eligible for election to either house.

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In that case the bells are rung throughout Australian Parliament House summoning Senators or Members to the chamber.

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Section 96 of the Australian Constitution gives the Commonwealth Parliament the power to grant money to any State, "on such terms and conditions as the Parliament thinks fit".

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Once a particular inquiry is completed the members of the committee can then produce a report, to be tabled in Australian Parliament, outlining what they have discovered as well as any recommendations that they have produced for the Government or House to consider.

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Rather than being modelled solely after the House of Lords, as the Canadian Senate was, the Australian Parliament Senate was in part modelled after the United States Senate, by giving equal representation to each state.

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The Australian Parliament previously had the power to hear such cases itself, and did so in the Browne–Fitzpatrick privilege case, 1955.

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