13 Facts About AutoNation


AutoNation is an American automotive retailer based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, which provides new and pre-owned vehicles and associated services in the United States.

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AutoNation was founded by Wayne Huizenga in 1996, starting with twelve AutoNation locations, and now has more than 300 retail outlets.

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AutoNation continued growing by acquiring other companies in the car rental business such as National Car Rental, Spirit Rent-A-Car, Value Rent-A-Car, Snappy Car Rental and more.

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In 2011, AutoNation was the first auto retailer in the United States to sell a total of 8 million vehicles.

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In 1995, H Wayne Huizenga of Republic Industries became chairman of the board of directors and through Republic's ownership of AutoNation, sought to expand its business into used auto sales throughout the United States.

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Mike Jackson, the newly hired CEO, previously from Mercedes Benz USA, moved to spin off the car rental business as "ANC Rental" and close all newly built "AutoNation USA" used car megastores, because of their financial losses being generated at a rate of $25 million per quarter.

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Plans to brand all automotive retail stores at the time as "AutoNation stores" were cancelled for a rebranding a more recognizable 'regional brand' focus was instituted.

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In 2006, Mike Jackson, CEO of AutoNation announced that his company would be reducing orders from the 3 major vehicle manufacturers as General Motors, Ford and Chrysler in 2007 and altered the company's purchase pattern to include purchasing more imported vehicles as BMW, Mercedes and Lexus, due to anticipated view of further market share losses by US automakers.

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In 2009, during the great recession, AutoNation announced a newly formed AutoNation Payment Protection program, promising that the dealership will buy back any car at market value, should the owner lose their job.

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In January 2013, AutoNation announced that it would replace localized brand names of its car retail operations with its own name.

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In May 2013, AutoNation partnered with Indy Car Series Champion Ryan-Hunter Reay to support his "Racing for Cancer" charity.

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AutoNation's was replaced by Mike Jackson, who was to fill the role until April 2022.

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In November 2021, Mike Jackson retired from his 20 years service to AutoNation and was replaced by Mike Manley, previous CEO of Stellantis Corp.

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