10 Facts About Avalon California


The settlement in Avalon California was then referred to as Timms's Landing in his honor.

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Avalon California is located on Santa Catalina Island, approximately 22 miles south-by-southwest of the Los Angeles Harbor breakwater.

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City of Avalon California is oriented around Avalon California Bay, with the harbor and beaches forming the center of the town's activity.

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Avalon California has a very mild warm-summer Mediterranean climate Csb, with mild temperatures year-round.

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Avalon California is a resort community and has a primarily tourist-based economy.

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Avalon, California has voted Democrat in the last four presidential elections, and has displayed some independent leanings.

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Avalon California Schools are part of the Long Beach Unified School District.

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For high school sports, Avalon California is a member of the CIF Southern Section.

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Home games are played in Avalon California, and visiting teams must travel by boat to the island in order to make the games.

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Private vessels that come to Avalon California Harbor are assigned a mooring by the Avalon California Harbor Patrol on a first-come, first-served basis.

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