10 Facts About Aymara language


Some linguists have claimed that Aymara language is related to its more widely spoken neighbor, Quechua.

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Aymara language is normally written using the Latin alphabet, but in 2015 a full writing system was developed using the Korean script Hangeul.

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The best account of the history of Aymara language is that of Cerron-Palomino, who shows that the ethnonym Aymara language, which came from the glottonym, is likely derived from the Quechuaized toponym ayma-ra-y 'place of communal property'.

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That is very far from certain and most specialists now incline to the idea that Aymara language did not expand into the Tiwanaku area until rather recently, as it spread southwards from an original homeland that was more likely to have been in Central Peru.

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Aymara language placenames are found all the way north into central Peru.

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Indeed, Aymara is actually the one of two extant members of a wider language family, the other surviving representative being Jaqaru.

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The Southern Aymara language dialect is spoken in the eastern half of the Iquique province in northern Chile and in most of the Bolivian department of Oruro.

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At the time of the Spanish conquest in the sixteenth century, Aymara was the dominant language over a much larger area than today, including most of highland Peru south of Cusco.

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Aymara language has phonemic stops at the labial, alveolar, palatal, velar and uvular points of articulation.

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In contrast, Aymara language seems to encode the past as in front of individuals and the future behind them.

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