15 Facts About Aztec Empire


Aztec Empire rule has been described by scholars as "hegemonic" or "indirect".

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Aztec Empire religion was a monistic pantheism in which the Nahua concept of teotl was construed as the supreme god Ometeotl, as well as a diverse pantheon of lesser gods and manifestations of nature.

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Aztec Empire rewrote the history of the Aztecs thereafter, naturally placing the Mexica in a more central role.

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Also, as the Aztec Empire was expanding and consolidating power, the Purepecha Empire in West Mexico was similarly expanding.

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Aztec Empire proved to be ineffectual and did not significantly expand the empire.

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In 1515, Aztec armies commanded by the Tlaxcalan general Tlahuicole invaded the Purepecha Empire .

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The Aztec Empire army failed to take any territory and was mostly restricted to raiding.

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Aztec Empire removed many of Ahuitzotl's advisors and had several of them executed.

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Aztec Empire abolished the class, destroying the chance for commoners to advance to the nobility.

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Aztec Empire then took Motecuzoma up to the roof of the palace to ask his subjects to stand down.

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One of the Aztec Empire soldiers struck Motecuzoma in the head with a sling stone, and he died several days later, though the exact circumstances of his death are unclear.

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Aztec Empire was an example of an empire that ruled by indirect means.

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The Early Aztec Empire period was a time of growth and competition among altepeme.

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The Aztec Empire realm was at its core composed of three Nahuatl-speaking city-states in the densely populated Valley of Mexico.

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Originally, the Aztec empire was a loose alliance between three cities: Tenochtitlan, Texcoco, and the most junior partner, Tlacopan.

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