11 Facts About 1890 Manifesto


The 1890 Manifesto was canonized in the LDS Church standard works as Official Declaration 1 and is considered by mainstream Mormons to have been prompted by divine revelation, in which Woodruff was shown that the church would be thrown into turmoil if they did not comply with it.

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Woodruff later said that on the night of September 23,1890 Manifesto, he received a revelation from Jesus Christ that the church should cease the practice of plural marriage.

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On October 6,1890 Manifesto, it was formally accepted by the church membership, though many held reservations or abstained from voting.

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Less than a month after the 1890 Manifesto was issued, the LDS Church used the procedure of common consent to make it binding upon church members.

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At a general conference of the church in Salt Lake City on October 6,1890, the Manifesto was read, after which Lorenzo Snow, the president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, made the following motion:.

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Some members, including apostle Moses Thatcher, only reluctantly supported the 1890 Manifesto and interpreted it as a sign that the Second Coming of Jesus was imminent, after which plural marriage would be reinstated.

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Rumors of post-1890 Manifesto marriages surfaced and began to be examined by Congress in the Reed Smoot hearings.

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However, when the 1890 Manifesto was issued, it was not apparent that Woodruff or the other leaders of the LDS Church viewed it as the result of a divine revelation.

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Approximately one year after he declared the 1890 Manifesto, Woodruff began to claim that he had received instructions from Jesus Christ that formed the basis of what he wrote in the text of the 1890 Manifesto.

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In 1908, the 1890 Manifesto was printed in the LDS Church's Doctrine and Covenants for the first time, and it has been included in every edition since.

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The 1890 Manifesto is currently published as "Official Declaration 1" in the Doctrine and Covenants.

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