10 Facts About Babe Herman


Floyd Caves "Babe" Herman was an American right fielder in Major League Baseball who was best known for his several seasons with the Brooklyn Robins .

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Babe Herman had two doubles and two triples on June 5, and came in eighth in the 1929 MVP voting.

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Babe Herman followed up with his most spectacular year by improving his own batting and slugging records, with his.

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On two occasions in 1930 – May 30 and September 15 – Babe Herman stopped to watch a home run while running the bases and was passed by the hitter, in each case causing the home run to count only as a single.

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Babe Herman bounced back with a solid year, leading the National League with 19 triples and tying Sam Crawford's 1901 Reds' team record for left-handed hitters of 16 home runs, which was broken in 1936 by Ival Goodman with 17.

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Nine years later in 1945, Babe Herman was re-signed by Brooklyn at age 42 and played his 37 final big league games with the team.

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Babe Herman received a strong ovation from the Ebbets Field crowd in his first turn at bat and tripped over the first base after hitting a single.

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Babe Herman's son was a mathematics teacher at Herbert Hoover High School, the cross-town rival of Babe's high school Glendale High School, from the late 1960s through the early 1980s.

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Babe Herman died in Glendale, California at age 84 following a bout with pneumonia and a series of strokes.

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Babe Herman is interred there in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery.

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