22 Facts About Bacolod


Bacolod, officially known as the City of Bacolod, is a 1st class highly urbanized city in the region of Western Visayas, Philippines.

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Bacolod, is derived from bakolod, the Old Hiligaynon word for a "hill, turtle, mound, rise, hillock, down, any small eminence or elevation", since the resettlement was founded on a stony, hilly area, now the barangay of Granada.

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The town of Bacolod was constituted as a parroquia in 1788 under the secular clergy, but did not have a resident priest until 1802, as the town was served by the priest from Bago, and later Binalbagan.

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Bacolod encouraged migration to Bacolod and the opening of lands to agriculture and industry.

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In 1889, Bacolod became the capital of Occidental Negros when the Province of Negros was politically divided into the separate provinces of Occidental Negros and Oriental Negros .

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Lieutenant General Kawano "Kono" Takeshi, the Japanese commanding officer of the 77th Infantry Brigade, 102nd Division, seized the homes of Don Generoso Villanueva, a prominent sugar planter—whose home, the Daku Balay served as the "seat of power" and being the tallest building of Bacolod it served as the city's watchtower—and the home of his brother-in-law, Don Mariano Ramos, the first appointed Municipal President of Bacolod.

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In 2008, Bacolod topped a survey by MoneySense Magazine as the "Best Place to Live in the Philippines".

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In 2021, Bacolod received the "2021 Most Business-Friendly Local Government Unit Award" under the category of highly-urbanized cities outside the National Capital Region in the search organized by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry .

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Bacolod is located on the northwestern coast of the large island of Negros.

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The global location of Bacolod is 10 degrees, 40 minutes 40 seconds - north and 122 degrees 54 minutes 25 seconds - east with Bacolod Public Plaza as the benchmark.

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Bacolod is ideally located on a level area, slightly sloping down as it extends toward the sea with an average slope of 0.

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Bacolod is the Philippines' third fastest growing economy in terms of information technology and business process outsourcing activities.

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Bacolod ranked 3rd among the top ten "Next Wave Cities" of the Philippines for the best location for BPO and offshoring according to a 2010 report of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology.

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Since Bacolod is being tagged as a "Football City" in the country, an ordinance was approved by the City Council in June 2015, setting the third week of the month of April every year as the "Bacolod City Football Festival Week".

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Bacolod is home to many mixed martial arts competitions including quarterly fights hosted by the Universal Reality Combat Championship.

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Bacolod Baywalk is a privately owned esplanade situated near the Bacolod Real Estate Development Corporation at the city's Reclamation Area.

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Bacolod has one public tertiary teaching-learning hospital under the direct management of the Department of Health – Regional Office VI : the Corazon Locsin Montelibano Memorial Regional Hospital .

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Bacolod currently has 4 large universities and more than a dozen other schools specializing in various courses.

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Bacolod is 1 hour by air from Manila, 30 minutes by air from Cebu, 1 hour by air from Cagayan de Oro and 1 hour and 10 minutes by air from Davao City.

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Bacolod has two main roads, Lacson Street to the north and Araneta Street to the south.

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Recently, Bacolod City is experiencing an increase in traffic congestion due to an increase in number of vehicles.

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Bacolod is 215 kilometres from Dumaguete City via Kabankalan-Mabinay-Bais Road.

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