21 Facts About Baltimore Skipjacks


Baltimore Skipjacks were a minor league professional ice hockey team from Baltimore, Maryland, United States.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks then played eleven seasons as members of the American Hockey League, from 1982 until 1993.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks operated as a farm team to the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals for five seasons each, and were previously a farm team to the Minnesota North Stars for two seasons, the Boston Bruins for one season.

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The Advocates rebranded the team to Baltimore Skipjacks, to avoid paying US$10,000 in trademark rights for the Clippers' name.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks did not affiliate as an NHL farm team during the season, and chose a green and white color scheme without the gold color used by the North Stars.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks unveiled a new logo which resembled a ship's wheel, with the team name spelled out with ropes.

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Baltimore Skipjacks had won two championships during twenty years of coaching in the International Hockey League.

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Lamoureux improved the offense, but the Baltimore Skipjacks finished the season in fifth place and missed the playoffs.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks unveiled a new logo for the season which resembled the word "JACKS" superimposed on a ship's wheel, and used the same black, gold and white color scheme of the Penguins.

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The Skipjacks won the John D Chick Trophy as the regular season champions of the AHL's south division.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks' offense was shut down in the finals by rookie 19-year-old goaltender Patrick Roy, and the team lost in six games to the Sherbrooke Canadiens.

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Baltimore Skipjacks needed to find a new source of money, without the financial help from the Penguins.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks began the season with sixteen consecutive losses, and finished last in the AHL with 35 points, missing the playoffs.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks logo was switched to a red, white and blue color scheme to match the Washington Capitals.

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Terry Murray was appointed the new head coach, and improved the team record to 30 wins, but the Baltimore Skipjacks missed the playoffs for a fourth consecutive season.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks finished the season with 43 wins, and a third-place finish in the southern division.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks finished third place in the regular season, received a bye in the first round, then faced the Binghamton Rangers in round two of the playoffs, losing in six games.

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The Baltimore Skipjacks finished the season fourth place in the southern division, and faced first place Binghamton in the playoffs.

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Five of the seven Baltimore Skipjacks coaches, were head coaches of NHL teams, including Ubriaco, Angotti, Murray, MacLean, and Trotz.

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Baltimore Skipjacks alumni include over 140 players who had NHL careers.

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Baltimore Skipjacks was inducted into the AHL Hall of Fame in the class of 2011.

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