40 Facts About Pittsburgh Penguins

1. In 1975, the Pittsburgh Penguins were struggling on the ice and at the box office.

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2. The Pittsburgh Penguins announced a state of the art training facility with UPMC in 2012.

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3. The Pittsburgh Penguins have yet to release any details regarding a potential timetable for Murray's recovery, but another update on his status should surface once he's able to return to practice.

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4. In 2007, the Pittsburgh Penguins made the playoffs, but were eliminated in five games by the Ottawa Senators in the first round.

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5. In 2005, the Pittsburgh Penguins were one of the worst teams in the league, but they were able to draft Sidney Crosby.

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6. Mario Lemieux helped turn the Pittsburgh Penguins into a strong team.

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7. The Pittsburgh Penguins have played 45 games on Thanksgiving Eve in 51 seasons and will continue the tradition this year when they face off against.

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8. The Pittsburgh Penguins announced that their young goaltender will be headed back to the shelf while Tristan Jarry has been recalled from the minor leagues under emergency conditions.

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9. The Pittsburgh Penguins announced that their young goaltender will be headed back to the shelf while Tristan Jarry has been recalled from the minor leagues under emergency.

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10. The Pittsburgh Penguins are near the bottom of the Eastern Conference standings and things don't appear to be getting better.

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11. The Pittsburgh Penguins placed goaltender Matt Murray on injured reserve Thursday with an upper-body injury that coach Mike Sullivan said will keep Murray out "longer term.

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12. The Pittsburgh Penguins played two "home" games in the Cleveland suburb of Richfield, Ohio, in 1992 and 1993 at the Richfield Coliseum.

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13. In November 2009, the Pittsburgh Penguins launched a weekly radio show, NHL Na Russkom, hosted by George Birman and Oleg Mejeritski of Sovetsky Sport in order to appeal to Russian-speaking fans of the team.

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14. On October 9, 2018, the Pittsburgh Penguins unveiled their third jerseys inspired by the uniforms worn by the team in 1980s and during the 2017 NHL Stadium Series.

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15. On November 25, 2016, the Pittsburgh Penguins unveiled their jerseys for their 2017 NHL Stadium Series game against the Philadelphia Flyers at Heinz Field.

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16. When the Pittsburgh Penguins made their NHL debut in 1967, the team wore the colors dark blue, light blue and white.

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17. The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Capitals en route to all five of their Stanley Cup victories.

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18. In the Conference Finals, the Pittsburgh Penguins won against the Ottawa Senators in seven games, and moved on the Stanley Cup Finals where they faced the Nashville Predators.

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19. On February 27, 2016 the Pittsburgh Penguins acquired Justin Schultz from the Edmonton Oilers in exchange for a third round pick in the 2016 NHL Entry Draft.

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20. On January 16, 2016, the Pittsburgh Penguins traded forward David Perron and defenceman Adam Clendening to the Anaheim Ducks in exchange for Carl Hagelin.

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21. On July 28, 2015, the Pittsburgh Penguins acquired Nick Bonino, Adam Clendening and a 2nd round pick in 2016 for Brandon Sutter and a 3rd round pick.

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22. At the end of the regular season, the Pittsburgh Penguins finished atop the Eastern Conference, matching-up against the eighth-seeded New York Islanders in round one.

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23. The Pittsburgh Penguins signed veteran goaltender Tomas Vokoun to a two-year contract after acquiring his negotiating rights for a seventh-round draft pick.

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24. In the next round, the Pittsburgh Penguins faced the Montreal Canadiens.

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25. The Pittsburgh Penguins, seeded fourth in the East, began their title defense against the Ottawa Senators.

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26. For the second-straight year, the Pittsburgh Penguins finished the season in second place, behind New Jersey.

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27. The Pittsburgh Penguins started the season by winning a franchise-record seven road games to start a season.

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28. The Pittsburgh Penguins acquired defensemen Hal Gill from the Toronto Maple Leafs for a second-round pick in 2008 and a fifth-round pick in 2009.

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29. In their absence, the Pittsburgh Penguins flourished due to the play and leadership of center Evgeni Malkin and backup goaltender Ty Conklin.

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30. The Pittsburgh Penguins selected Crosby on July 30, 2005 with the top pick, instantly rekindling interest in hockey in Pittsburgh.

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31. The Pittsburgh Penguins lost out on the first overall pick for the 2004 NHL Entry Draft which went to the Washington Capitals.

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32. The Pittsburgh Penguins opted to strengthen their roster and support Lemieux in the 1990 off-season.

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33. In the late 1980s, the Pittsburgh Penguins finally gave Lemieux a strong supporting cast, trading for superstar defenseman Paul Coffey from the Edmonton Oilers and bringing in young talent such as scorers Kevin Stevens, Rob Brown and John Cullen from the minors.

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34. On the ice, the Pittsburgh Penguins began the 1980s with defenseman Randy Carlyle, and prolific scorers Paul Gardner and Mike Bullard, but little else.

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35. The Pittsburgh Penguins officially debuted wearing black and gold against the St Louis Blues at the Civic Arena on January 30, 1980.

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36. As the 1970s wore on, the Pittsburgh Penguins brought in other offensive weapons such as Rick Kehoe, Pierre Larouche and Ron Schock, along with solid blue-liners Ron Stackhouse and Dave Burrows.

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37. The Pittsburgh Penguins battled the California Golden Seals for the division cellar in 1974, when Riley was fired as general manager and replaced with Jack Button.

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38. In the 1969 draft the Pittsburgh Penguins selected Michel Briere who although being chosen 26th soon was drawing comparisons to Phil Esposito and Bobby Clarke.

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39. Along with the Edmonton Oilers, the Pittsburgh Penguins are tied for the most Cup championships among non-Original Six teams and sixth overall.

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40. The Pittsburgh Penguins are one of two NHL franchises in Pennsylvania; the other being the Philadelphia Flyers.

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