46 Facts About Pittsburgh Penguins


Pittsburgh Penguins are a professional ice hockey team based in Pittsburgh.

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The projected league expansion depended on securing votes from the then-current NHL owners; to ensure Pittsburgh would be selected as one of the expansion cities, McGregor enlisted Rooney to petition votes from James D Norris, owner of the Chicago Black Hawks and his brother Bruce Norris, owner of the Detroit Red Wings.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Oakland Seals in a four-game sweep in the quarterfinals, with Briere scoring the series-clinching goal in overtime.

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Pittsburgh Penguins achieved a playoff berth in 1972, only to be swept by the Chicago Black Hawks in the first round.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins battled the California Golden Seals for the division cellar in 1974, when Riley was fired as general manager and replaced by Jack Button.

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However, in early 1975, the Pittsburgh Penguins' creditors demanded payment of back debts, forcing the team into bankruptcy.

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The Bruins protested this color change, claiming a monopoly on black and gold, but the Penguins defended their choice stating that the NHL Pirates used black and gold as their team colors and that black and gold were Pittsburgh's traditional sporting colors.

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In 1980, the 13th-seeded Pittsburgh Penguins took the Bruins to the limit in their first-round playoff series.

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Pittsburgh Penguins head coach Lou Angotti later admitted that a conscious decision was made to finish the season as the team with the worst record, saying in an interview with the Pittsburgh Penguins Post-Gazette that a mid-season lunch prompted the plan, because there was a high chance of the franchise folding if Lemieux was not drafted.

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In 1989, Pittsburgh Penguins finally broke through the barrier and made the playoffs on the back of Lemieux leading the league in goals, assists and points.

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Arguably no move was bigger during this time than when the Pittsburgh Penguins drafted Jaromir Jagr with the fifth overall pick in the 1990 NHL Entry Draft.

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Pittsburgh Penguins continued to be a formidable team throughout the 1990s.

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The 1997 playoffs marked a turning point, as the Pittsburgh Penguins suffered a first-round elimination at the hands of the rival Philadelphia Flyers in five games.

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Pittsburgh Penguins's departure was the first in a series of events that would lead the Penguins into regular season stagnation, and to the brink of financial ruin.

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Pittsburgh Penguins proposed recovering this money by converting it into equity—enough to give him controlling interest.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins missed the playoffs for the first time in 12 years in 2002, finishing in a tie for third-to-last in their conference.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins lost out on the first overall pick for the 2004 NHL Entry Draft, which went to the Washington Capitals.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins again posted the worst record in the Eastern Conference and the highest goals-against total in the League.

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Pittsburgh Penguins set the modern NHL record with a goal in each of his first six games.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins' record dipped mid-season but lifted after Dan Bylsma replaced head coach Therrien.

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The effect was almost instantaneous, and the Pittsburgh Penguins recovered enough to secure home-ice advantage in their first-round match up against the Philadelphia Flyers, whom the Pittsburgh Penguins defeated in six games.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins, seeded fourth in the East, began their title defense, defeating the Ottawa Senators in six games.

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Pittsburgh Penguins finished with 50 goals and 109 points as the Penguins earned 51 wins on the season.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Islanders in six games, with Fleury struggling .

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The Pittsburgh Penguins faced the Columbus Blue Jackets in the opening round of the 2017 playoffs, defeating them in five games.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins won the first two games of the finals and then lost the next two matchups before dominating the fifth and the sixth games of the series to win the Stanley Cup for the second straight year.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins won the East Division title, extending their playoff streak to 15 seasons.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins' popularity has at times rivaled that of the Steelers at the local level.

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However, the Pittsburgh Penguins eliminated the Flyers from the playoffs in 2008 and 2009 and were eliminated by them from the playoffs in 2012, strengthening the rivalry.

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Two teams have faced off 11 times in the playoffs, with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning nine of the 11 matchups, their two series losses coming in the 1994 and 2018 playoffs.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the Capitals en route to their five Stanley Cup victories.

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The uniforms had the word "Pittsburgh Penguins" written diagonally down the front of the sweater with three dark blue stripes around the sleeves and bottom.

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The NHL's Pittsburgh Penguins Pirates used old Pittsburgh Penguins Police uniforms, beginning the black and gold color tradition in the city.

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Pittsburgh Penguins generally wore the black and gold "skating penguin" uniform between 1980 and 1992, with a few noticeable changes in the lettering and striping.

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In 2000, the Pittsburgh Penguins brought back the "skating penguin" logo, but with a "Vegas gold" shade, upon releasing its new alternate uniform.

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The Penguins eventually brought back a white version of the black "Pittsburgh gold" alternates, thus retiring the "Vegas gold" uniforms they wore from 2000 to 2016.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins wore monochrome black uniforms minus the white elements when they faced the Flyers again in the 2019 NHL Stadium Series.

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The Pittsburgh Penguins receive monthly and sometimes weekly "game of the week" national exposure on American networks ESPN, ESPN+, ABC, and TNT, and Canadian networks Sportsnet and CBC.

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Previously, the Penguins received national TV exposure on NBC and NBCSN in the U S, and TSN in Canada.

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Pittsburgh Penguins called Civic Arena home for over 45 seasons from their inception in 1967.

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The Penguins played two "home" games in the Cleveland suburb of Richfield, Ohio, in 1992 and 1993 at the Richfield Coliseum .

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Pittsburgh Penguins have two minor league affiliates assigned to their team.

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Pittsburgh Penguins presently acknowledge an affiliation with a number of inductees to the Hockey Hall of Fame.

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Inductees affiliated with the Pittsburgh Penguins include 14 former players and five builders of the sport.

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In 2009, Dave Molinari, a sports journalist for the Pittsburgh Penguins Post-Gazette was awarded the Elmer Ferguson Memorial Award from the Hall of Fame.

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Pittsburgh Penguins Foundation conducts numerous community activities to support both youth and families through hockey education and charity assistance.

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