9 Facts About Bandai Namco Entertainment

1. In 1996, Bandai Namco Entertainment acquired a controlling share of the Japanese film company Nikkatsu, but its interest would be sold during the merger with Bandai.

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2. Bandai Namco Entertainment was the industry's first manufacturer to develop and release a multi-player, multi-cabinet competitive game, Final Lap, in 1987.

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3. Bandai Namco Entertainment was a front-runner during the golden age of arcade video games.

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4. In 1971, Nakamura Manufacturing launched the Bandai Namco Entertainment brand which became the company's name in 1977.

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5. Bandai Namco Entertainment has announced a Taiko no Tatsujin: Drum 'n Fun tournament for elementary school children in Japan.

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6. Bandai Namco Entertainment is a core company of the Content Strategic Business Unit (Content SBU) of Bandai Namco, and is responsible for all aspects of Bandai Namco Group's content business, from creation to sales.

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7. Bandai Namco Entertainment, plays the role of expanding the content business, while Bandai Namco Studios (BNSI) plays the role of creating content.

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8. Bandai Namco Entertainment is the result of a merger in March 2006 between the video game operations of Namco and Bandai.

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9. Bandai Namco Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Bandai Namco Holdings and specializes in management and sales of video games and other related entertainment products, while its Bandai Namco Studios subsidiaries specialize in the development of these products.

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