13 Facts About The Idolmaster


The idols from previous The Idolmaster games make appearances in Dearly Stars as already established and popular idols.

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Third social network game, The Idolmaster SideM, was released on February 28,2014 on the Mobage platform for mobile devices.

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Namco Bandai Games producer Yozo Sakagami was initially unsure if The Idolmaster would be suited for a video game console due to hardware and network limitations, but he felt that the Xbox 360 and its Xbox Live network could handle the game's specifications.

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An anime television series adaptation of the spin-off game The Idolmaster SideM, featuring male characters and by A-1 Pictures, aired from October to December 2017.

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Two light novels based on The Idolmaster, written by Yusuke Saito and illustrated by Otoko, were published by Enterbrain in 2006.

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Two separate light novels based on The Idolmaster: Xenoglossia were published by Fujimi Shobo in 2007 and Hobby Japan in 2008.

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The Idolmaster has been adapted into 26 serialized manga and several other manga anthologies, which include direct adaptations of the video games and anime adaptations, in addition to numerous spin-offs.

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South Korean drama television series based on the games and titled The Idolmaster KR premiered in 2017, running for 24 hour-long episodes.

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The Xbox 360 port of The Idolmaster was awarded the special prize at the 2007 Japan Game Awards partially for its unique take on raising simulation games at the time.

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The Xbox 360 port of The Idolmaster sold 25,000 copies in its first week of sale and was the fifteenth best selling console video game in Japan for the time of its release.

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The Idolmaster merchandise grossed in Japan retail sales during 2007.

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However, the audition system in later games such as The Idolmaster 2 has been called strategically weaker, but at the same time easier to understand than previous games.

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Introduction of rivals into The Idolmaster SP was described as effectively giving each game a different impression, and competing against rivals in the series has been praised.

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