12 Facts About Bangsamoro


Bangsamoro, officially the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, is an autonomous region located in the southern Philippines.

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Establishment of Bangsamoro was the culmination of several years of peace talks between the Philippine government and several autonomist groups; in particular the Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which rejected the validity of the ARMM and called for the creation of a region with more powers devolved from the national government.

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Bangsamoro took the place of the ARMM as the only Muslim-majority autonomous region in the Philippines.

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Currently in transition until 2025, the Bangsamoro government has been considered a testing ground for the wider debate on constitutional reform and federalism in the Philippines.

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Recently coined term Bangsamoro is derived from the Old Malay word bangsa and Moro .

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In 2012, Aquino announced intentions to establish a new autonomous political entity to be named Bangsamoro to replace the ARMM, which he called a "failed experiment".

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In 2020, the Bangsamoro parliament requested that the BTA be extended for an additional three years past 2022, to allow further time for the transition.

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Once the first regular session of the Bangsamoro Parliament is organized in 2022, the chief minister will be elected by the members of the Bangsamoro Parliament.

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The chief minister of the Bangsamoro is the chief executive of the regional government, and is assisted by a cabinet not exceeding 10 members.

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Bangsamoro Cabinet is composed of two deputy chief minister and ministers from the members of the parliament.

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Under the BOL, the Bangsamoro Parliament serves as the legislature of the autonomous region, mandated to have 80 members and is led by the speaker.

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People of the Bangsamoro region, including Muslims, Lumads, and Christians, have a culture that revolves around kulintang music, a specific type of gong music, found among both Muslim and non-Muslim groups of the Southern Philippines.

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