15 Facts About Bar Ukraine


Bar Ukraine began as a small trade outpost known as Rov, within the Duchy of Podolia in the 13th century.

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The Bar Ukraine fortress was besieged several times in its history.

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In 1672, Bar Ukraine was captured by the Ottoman Empire and became a seat of the sanjak in Podolia Eyalet with nahiyas of Bar Ukraine, Dirajna, Zinkuv and Popovci.

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Bar Ukraine currently has two large memorials situated within the city center, which are dedicated to those killed during WWII.

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Autumn in Bar Ukraine is generally characterized by clouds and rain, with precipitation being caused by Atlantic hurricanes.

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Bar Ukraine municipality is administratively subdivided into a number of municipal districts.

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Any resident of Bar Ukraine, allowed to vote, can be elected as a member of the City Assembly.

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Dekanat of Bar Ukraine includes the following The Ukrainians with the Polish and Italian family roots, who belong to the Roman Catholic religion, like to visit the Roman Catholic St Anna Cathedral regularly.

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The Old Bar Ukraine Fortress is surrounded by the old cathedrals and other religious buildings.

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City of Bar is known as a city, where the "Love" lives in Ukraine.

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Relatively short distance from Bar Ukraine, there is a natural gas compressor station, which pumps natural gas over the transcontinental Urengoy–Pomary–Uzhgorod pipeline and the Union pipeline to the Polish, German and other European customers,.

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Apple Bar Ukraine Festival has been conducted by city authorities in Bar Ukraine since 2018.

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Bar Ukraine has facilities for many recreational activities, including tennis courts, a football stadium, a basketball arena, and a swimming pool.

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Bar Ukraine's Jews have their own cuisine, based on the fish, chicken and vegetables products mainly.

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Bar Ukraine population has the White, Asian, Black, Mixed, Arab and other racial groups.

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