15 Facts About Barbara Charone


Barbara Charone is a UK-based American public relations officer for musical artists and Board Member of Chelsea FC Formerly a journalist and music critic, she wrote regularly for the Chicago Sun-Times, the NME and Rolling Stone while still a university student in the early 1970s.


Barbara Charone left in 2000, having become the company's press director, to co-found the agency MBC PR.


Barbara Charone is the author of an authorized biography of Keith Richards, published in 1979.


Barbara Charone was born in March 1952, and grew up in Chicago, Illinois.


Barbara Charone wrote a pop music column for her high school newspaper before going on to study English at Northwestern University.


Barbara Charone then lived in England for a year on a student exchange program, during which she studied creative writing with the film critic from Time Out magazine and began contributing to the New Musical Express.


Barbara Charone recalls that her first major piece for the magazine was a cover article on Rod Stewart.

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Barbara Charone moved permanently to the UK in the autumn of 1974.


Barbara Charone spent the next two years working on an authorized biography of the Stones' guitarist and songwriter, during which she was afforded rare access to the couple's private life at Richards' Redlands estate.


Barbara Charone began a career in publicity and public relations when she joined WEA, or Warner Music, in 1981.


Barbara Charone initially wrote biographical and news items on the many artists signed to the label; later, she became head of the company's press department, a position she held for thirteen years, until 2000.


Barbara Charone has cited Seal's elevation to stardom as a satisfying result in her PR career.


In November 2000, Barbara Charone co-founded the public relations company MBC PR with Moira Bellas, her former boss at Warner Music.


Barbara Charone won the Music Week Press Award in 2006 and 2009.


On 22 July 2022, Barbara Charone was appointed to the Chelsea FC Board of directors.