14 Facts About Barbera


Barbera is believed to have originated in the hills of Monferrato in central Piemonte, Italy, where it has been known from the thirteenth century.

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However, one ampelographer, Pierre Viala, speculates that Barbera originated in the Lombardy region of Oltrepo Pavese.

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Barbera vine is very vigorous and capable of producing high yields if not kept in check by pruning and other methods.

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Barbera can adapt to a wide range of vineyard soils but tends to thrive most in less fertile calcareous soils and clay loam.

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Barbera is found in the northwestern part of Italy, particularly in Monferrato, and to a lesser extent further south.

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The earlier-ripening Barbera is grown on the cooler lower slopes below the Nebbiolo, and other secondary locations.

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The wines of Barbera d'Asti tend to be bright in color and elegant while Barbera d'Alba tend to have a deep color with more intense, powerful fruit.

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Outside Piedmont, Barbera is found throughout Italy, often as a component in mass vino da tavola blends.

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Southeast of Piedmont, Barbera is found in Emilia-Romagna in the hills between Piacenza, Bologna and Parma.

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Barbera came to Australia with cuttings imported from the University of California, Davis in the 1960s, and as of 2010 accounted for 103 hectares of planting land.

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The acidity of Barbera make it a valued plantings in warm climate regions where acidification is usually needed.

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Barbera is a parent variety behind Ervi, Incrocio Terezi I, Nigra and Prodest .

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Also, DNA analysis has shown that the white Piedmont variety Barbera bianca is a not a color mutation of Barbera but rather its own distinct variety.

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Barbera is known under a variety of local synonyms through Italy and worldwide.

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