15 Facts About Barisan Sosialis


Barisan Sosialis was a political party in Singapore.

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Main objectives of the Barisan Sosialis included eradicating colonialism, establishing a united independent and democratic Malayan nation comprising the Federation of Malaya and Singapore and introducing an economic system to promote prosperity and stability in society.

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Barisan Sosialis was officially inaugurated on 17 September 1962, with Lim Chin Siong as its secretary-general and Dr Lee Siew Choh as chairman.

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The Barisan Sosialis Socialis wanted the Singapore citizens to automatically become Malayan citizens with proportional representation in the Federal Parliament.

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However, the Barisan Sosialis appealed to voters to cast blank votes on the referendum stating that no option correctly expressed Barisan Sosialis's thoughts and the three options would "sell out Singapore".

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Barisan Sosialis demanded that Singapore's political opposition be arrested as a condition of merger.

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The Barisan Sosialis won thirteen, and the remaining seat fell to Ong Eng Guan who contested under the banner of the United People's Party.

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In late August 1963, seven trade unions under Singapore Association of Trade Unions controlled by the Barisan Sosialis, were served notices by the Government to show cause why they should not be deregistered.

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Barisan Sosialis had fought against the merger with Malaysia upon the declaration of Singapore's independence from Malaysia in 1965, leaders of Barisan Sosialis declined to recognise the independence of Singapore.

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Lim Chin Siong, another leader of Barisan Sosialis who was in detention, considered Singapore's independence to be genuine.

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In October 1966, the Barisan Sosialis had all its remaining representatives in Parliament resign their seats and started what they called an extra-parliamentary struggle.

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An editorial in The Straits Times commented that the Barisan Sosialis chose the wrong time to launch an extra-parliamentary struggle:.

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The Barisan Sosialis boycotted the General Elections in 1968 and allowed the PAP to win all 51 seats in the Parliament.

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In May 1988, the Barisan Sosialis was dissolved into the Workers' Party of Singapore to strengthen the opposition and applied for dissolution.

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The application was denied approval as Barisan Sosialis's constitution required all its branches to agree to the dissolution but none were left.

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