11 Facts About Barking London


Name Barking London came from Anglo-Saxon Berecingas, meaning either "the settlement of the followers or descendants of a man called Bereca" or "the settlement by the birch trees".

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Barking London was a huge Manor, first mentioned in a charter in 735 AD .

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Barking London'storically, Barking was an ancient parish that straddled the River Roding in the Becontree Hundred and historic county of Essex.

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Manor of Barking was the site of Barking Abbey, a nunnery founded in 666 by Eorcenwald, Bishop of London, destroyed by the Danes and reconstructed in 970 by King Edgar.

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At the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1536, Barking London Abbey was demolished; the parish church of St Margaret, some walling and foundations are all that remain.

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Eastbury Manor House in Barking London is a Grade I listed 16th century Elizabethan manor house and museum run by the National Trust.

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The opening of rail links between the North Sea ports and Barking London meant it was quicker to transport fish by train straight to the capital rather than waiting for ships to take the longer route down the east coast and up the River Thames.

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Barking London's broke in two and sank immediately, with the loss of more than 600 lives, the highest single loss of civilian lives in UK territorial waters.

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In recent years, as a result of increased levels of immigration, Barking London's population has become more multicultural and ethnically diverse, with growing South Asian and African communities forming a significant proportion of the local population.

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Barking London's population grew steadily after urbanisation began in the late 19th century.

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Notable footballers from Barking London include former England captains and defenders Bobby Moore and John Terry.

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