24 Facts About Basil Fernando


Basil Fernando was educated at St Anthony's College, Wattala and St Benedict's College, Kotahena.

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Basil Fernando earned a LLB from the University of Ceylon in 1972, registered as an Attorney-At-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka in 1980 and practised law in Sri Lanka up to the end of 1989.

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Basil Fernando became a legal adviser to Vietnamese refugees in a UNHCR-sponsored project in Hong Kong.

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Basil Fernando joined the United Nations Transitional Authority in 1992 as a senior human rights officer and later served as the Chief of Legal Assistance to Cambodia of the UN Centre of Human Rights.

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Basil Fernando is associated with Asian Human Rights Commission and Asian Legal Resource centre, based in Hong Kong since 1994.

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Basil Fernando has written extensively on this theme, basing his work on studies on Sri Lanka, Cambodia and several other Asian countries.

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Later, Basil wrote several collections in English as well as Sinhala.

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Basil Fernando's poems have been included several anthologies published in Sri Lanka and other countries.

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Basil Fernando's poems were reviewed by Anders Sjobohm in World Literature Today.

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Basil Fernando believes that the mission of poetry is narrating the nation; narrating the reality; the nation of the poorest majority of the people.

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Basil Fernando believes that knowing the hard realities would alarm people.

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Basil Fernando dislikes allowing sleeping or dead words to ride on the horses of his poems.

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Basil Fernando's poetry seeks with urgency the reasons for the unreasoned and rationale for the irrational.

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Basil Fernando has sought in his poems to convey the pain and ignorance prevailing in his land, in every land.

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Basil Fernando has written poems as critiques of authoritarianism and orthodoxy fighting against the people to maintain the power they celebrate now.

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Robinson published a series interviews with Basil Fernando, which was later published under the title Village at the River Mouth by the English Writers Association.

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Basil Fernando is a member of the Sri Lanka English Writers Association and a regular contributor to its publication Channels.

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Basil Fernando is an Editor of two quarterly publications, Article 2 and Ethics in Action.

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Basil Fernando is writer of numerous articles and opinion columns.

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Basil Fernando wrote a weekly UPI column from 2007 to 2009 and writes regularly other publications such as the Sri Lanka Guardian.

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Basil Fernando was the Executive Director of the Asian Human Rights Commission and Asian Legal Resource Centre from 1994 to July 2010 and now continues with the same organisation as their Director for Policy and Programs.

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Basil Fernando designed the redevelopment of the two organisations with the perspective of developing an understanding of human rights enforcement that answers the need of countries in Asia and other 'non-rule of law' contexts.

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Basil Fernando worked for the development of the Asian Human Rights Charter and Asian Rule of Law Charter.

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Basil Fernando is a Senior Asoska Fellow and a Sohmen Visitor at the Faculty of Law, of The University of Hong Kong.

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