11 Facts About Basin Reserve


Basin Reserve is a cricket ground in Wellington, New Zealand.

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The Basin Reserve is the only cricket ground to have New Zealand Historic Place status as it is the oldest Test cricket ground in the country.

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Basin Reserve is two kilometres south of the Wellington CBD at the foot of Mount Victoria.

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Basin Reserve is surrounded by numerous other Wellington landmarks, including Mount Cook Barracks, the National War Memorial, several colleges and high schools, the Caledonian Hotel and the former Dominion Museum.

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The Basin Reserve is the intersection point for the Wellington suburbs of Mount Cook, Newtown and Mount Victoria.

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However, for the following years, even up until reportedly 1872, the Basin Reserve grounds were still extremely swampy, with small pools of swamp water and various weeds and shrubs sprouting over the fields.

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In 2012 the Museum Stand of the Basin Reserve was declared an earthquake risk and closed; a new player's pavilion was opened in December 2018 and renamed in 2020 in honour of the former Test cricketer Ewen Chatfield.

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The first rugby game held at the Basin Reserve was between the Wellington football team and the crew of HMS Rosario, which the sailors won by a single goal.

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On 13 March 2011, the Basin Reserve was host to "Fill the Basin" a cricket event intended to raise money for the 2011 Canterbury earthquake.

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The Basin Reserve was during the 1950s and 1960s the major football ground in the Wellington area and was the scene of a number of international matches and Chatham Cup finals.

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Basin Reserve's catch made the top play on Sports Center in America In 2017, this is the ground where Henry Nicholls scored his maiden test century.

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