13 Facts About Bastia


Bastia is the principal port of the island and its principal commercial town and is known for its wines.

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In terms of geography, Bastia is defined by its position between the sea and the mountain.

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Above all, Bastia is a port, and the sea has of course a significant role in the spatial organization of the city.

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Geographically, Bastia is characterized by its location between the sea and the mountains.

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Bastia was the capital at the time of the Genoese domination.

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Bastia is the location of one of five regional institutes of administration in France for the training of future administrative officials.

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Bastia has a hospital in the Paese Novu district and a clinic in the city centre as well as another clinic specializing in ophthalmology in the Saint-Antoine district.

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In 2015 SC Bastia played and lost the final of the League Cup against PSG, 20 years after playing them in the same competition in 1995.

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Bastia was a city-stage in the Tour de France 2013: the arrival point of the first stage from Porto-Vecchio and starting point for the second to Ajaccio.

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Bastia is currently the headquarters for the French round of the FIA World Rally Championship.

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Bastia is primarily a port city so the sea has a predominant place in the spatial organization of the city.

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Bastia has several hamlets and districts that are, from north to south:.

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Bastia is the seat of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bastia and Upper Corsica.

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