19 Facts About FIA


The FIA is generally known by its French name or initials, even in non-French-speaking countries, but is occasionally rendered as International Automobile Federation.

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The FIA established a number of new racing categories, among them Formulas One and Two, and created the first World Championship, the Formula One World Drivers' Championship, in 1950.

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FIA was a founder member of the European New Car Assessment Programme, a car safety programme that crash-tests new models and publishes safety reports on vehicles.

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The FIA later helped establish the Latin NCAP and Global NCAP.

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FIA announced in 2022 the appointment of its first ever CEO, Natalie Robyn.

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Competition Directorate of the European Commission and the FIA were involved in a dispute over the commercial administration of motorsport during the 1990s.

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The Competition Commissioner, Karel Van Miert had received a number of complaints from television companies and motorsport promoters in 1997 that the FIA had been abusing its position as motorsport's governing body.

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Van Miert's initial inquiry had not concluded by 1999, which resulted in the FIA suing the European Commission, alleging that the delay was causing damaging uncertainty, and successfully receiving an apology from the Commission over the leaking of documents relating to the case.

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The FIA moved back to Paris, having been based in Geneva for the previous two years during the European Commission's investigation.

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FIA Foundation was established in 2001 as the FIA's charitable arm.

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The Make Roads Safe campaign was set up in 2006 by the FIA Foundation, targeting the creation of safe roads across the world.

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The FIA's handling of the tyre situation at the 2005 United States Grand Prix was criticised.

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The FIA threatened to punish the teams who withdrew from the event, but later cleared the teams of any wrongdoing.

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FIA was re-elected for two more 4-year terms, then stepped down on 17 December 2021, succeeded by Mohammed Ben Sulayem.

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The FIA cancelled the 2022 edition of the Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, initially scheduled for 25 September.

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In 1973, the FIA organised the first World Rally Championship beginning with the 42nd Rally of Monte-Carlo to replace the International Championship for Manufacturers.

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In 1987, the FIA sanctioned the first World Touring Car Championship.

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In 2010, the SRO Group introduced the FIA GT1 World Championship, which was a championship consisting of one-hour sprint races.

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The World Motor Sport Council governs all sporting events regulated by the FIA, and writes the regulations for every FIA championship.

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