15 Facts About Corsica


Corsica is an island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 18 regions of France.

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Corsica was ruled by the Republic of Genoa from 1284 to 1755, when it seceded to become a self-proclaimed, Italian-speaking Republic.

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Corsica was integrated into Roman Italy by Emperor Diocletian .

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Corsica experienced a massive immigration from Tuscany, which gave to the island its present toponymy and rendered the language spoken in the northern two-thirds of the island very close to the Tuscan dialect.

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Under Benito Mussolini annexation of Corsica had become one of the main goals of Italy's unification policy.

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Subsequently, the US military established 17 airfields, nicknamed "USS Corsica", which served as bases for attacks on targets in German-occupied Italy.

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Some groups supporting independence, such as the National Liberation Front of Corsica, have carried out a violent campaign that includes bombings and assassinations targeting buildings and officials representing the French government; periodic flare-ups of raids and killings culminated in the assassination of Prefect Claude Erignac in 1998.

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In 2013, Corsica hosted the first three stages of the 100th Tour de France, which passed through the island for the first time in the event's 110-year history.

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In March 2022, Corsica saw large protests and riots after Yvan Colonna, the murderer of Claude Erignac, was murdered in prison.

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Corsica was formed about 250 million years ago with the uplift of a granite backbone on the western side.

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Corsica contains the GR20, one of Europe's most notable hiking trails.

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In some cases Corsica is a delimited part of the species range.

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Corsica produces gourmet cheese, wine, sausages, and honey for sale in mainland France and for export.

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Corsica is well connected to the European mainland by various car ferry lines.

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Ferry companies serving Corsica are Corsica Ferries - Sardinia Ferries, SNCM, CMN - La Meridionale and Moby Lines .

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