11 Facts About Bat-Signal


Bat-Signal is a distress signal device appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics, as a means to summon the superhero, Batman.

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Bat-Signal made its first on-screen appearance in the Batman and Robin serial by Columbia.

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Bat-Signal seldom appeared in the 1960s TV series, Commissioner Gordon generally contacting Batman using a dedicated phone line.

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However, the Bat-Signal was occasionally used, whenever Batman needed to be summoned from the field.

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The Bat-Signal was later destroyed by Alice in the episode "Down Down Down".

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Bat-Signal appears in the season finale of Titans, titled "Dick Grayson", in a dream world created by Trigon.

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Later, the Riddler alters the Bat-Signal by projecting a question mark into the sky with the Bat-symbol forming the dot at the base.

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Bat-Signal appears again in Justice League, with Gordon using it to call Batman along with Wonder Woman, The Flash, and Cyborg.

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Bat-Signal is not used in the 1999 series Batman Beyond, save for one appearance, as Police Commissioner Barbara Gordon both has a direct line to the Batcave and is not as cooperative with the original Batman and his successor as her father was.

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Later Batman uses the Bat-Signal to make different versions of the symbol for Robin, Barbara, Alfred and many of Batman's allies summoning them to team up and defeat the Joker.

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In Batman: Gotham by Gaslight, when Selina Kyle is being pursued by Jack the Ripper in an empty fair, she uses her blood and a spotlight to create a makeshift Bat-Signal to attract Batman's attention, sketching a bat on the light and aiming it at the sky.

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