10 Facts About Batumi


Batumi is the second largest city of Georgia and the capital of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, located on the coast of the Black Sea in Georgia's southwest.

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Much of Batumi's economy revolves around tourism and gambling, but the city is an important seaport and includes industries like shipbuilding, food processing and light manufacturing.

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Since 2010, Batumi has been transformed by the construction of modern high-rise buildings, as well as the restoration of classical 19th-century edifices lining its historic Old Town.

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Batumi was recaptured by the Georgians several times, first in 1564 by prince Rostom Gurieli, who lost it soon afterwards, and again in 1609 by Mamia II Gurieli.

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In 1878, Batumi was annexed by the Russian Empire in accordance with the Treaty of San Stefano between Russia and the Ottoman Empire.

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Since the change of power in Adjara, Batumi has attracted international investors, and the prices of real estate in the city have trebled since 2001.

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Batumi has a humid subtropical climate according to Koppen's classification.

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Batumi's skyline has been transformed since 2007 with remarkable buildings and monuments of contemporary architecture, including:.

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Batumi has 18 various museums, including State Art Museum of Adjara.

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Rugby Union club Batumi RC competes in the Pan-european Rugby Europe Super Cup and the Georgian Didi 10.

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