10 Facts About Baturyn


Baturyn, is a historic city in Chernihiv Oblast of northern Ukraine.

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Baturyn lost its city status in 1923 and received it back only in 2008.

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In 1648 Baturyn was transformed into a Cossack regional center, first hosting the Starodub Cossack Regiment and then the Nizhyn Regiment.

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Baturyn boasted 40 churches and chapels, two monasteries and a college for government officials and diplomats.

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When Russian empress Catherine II abolished the Ukrainian Cossack state and incorporated its territories into the Russian Empire, Baturyn continued manufacturing textiles, feeding a growing demand for carpets.

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Baturyn was re-established as capital and Rozumovskyi rebuilt the town and ushered in a brief renaissance.

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Baturyn established the manufacturing of carpets, broadcloth, silk, candles, bricks, and cocklestove tiles, and a stud-farm, a parish school, and a hospital.

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Baturyn was removed from his post of Ukraine's hetman in 1764.

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Only in 1794 he returned to Baturyn and decided to establish a grandiose palace and a park ensemble.

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Baturyn donated money for the palace restoration with the desire to settle a Folk Art Museum there.

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