19 Facts About Bayraktar TB2


Bayraktar TB2 is a medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned combat aerial vehicle capable of remotely controlled or autonomous flight operations.

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The largest operator of Bayraktar TB2 drones is the Turkish military, but an export model has been sold to the militaries of a number of other countries.

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Bayraktar TB2 drones were later deployed by a number of other nations around the world in various wars, such as by Azerbaijan in the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, by the Armed Forces of Ukraine during the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine, as well as by the Ethiopian National Defense Force during the Tigray War.

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Development of the Bayraktar TB2 had been spurred by a US ban on exports of armed unmanned aircraft to Turkey due to concerns they would be used against PKK groups inside and outside Turkey.

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Bayraktar TB2 platform has a blended wing body design with an inverted V-tail structure.

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Each Bayraktar TB2 is configured with six aerial vehicle platforms, two ground control stations, three ground data terminals, two remote video terminals and ground support equipment.

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Bayraktar TB2 has a triple-redundant flight control system with autonomous taxi, takeoff, cruise, landing and parking capability.

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Price for a single Bayraktar TB2 unit has been estimated at 5 million US dollars, around one-sixth of the US-built Reaper UAV.

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Turkish military's use of the Bayraktar TB2 gained prominence in counterinsurgency operations against the Kurdistan Workers' Party and People's Protection Units militants positions across the border in Iraq and Syria.

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On 30 June 2018, one Turkish Air Force Bayraktar TB2 crashed due to technical problems in Hatay province, Turkey.

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On 16 May 2021, one Bayraktar TB2 crashed in Zebari, Northern Iraq, Kurdish militants claimed they shot down the drone.

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On 6 June 2019, two GNA Bayraktar TB2 drones are destroyed along an operation room by LNA attacks on Mitiga Airport.

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Video evidence showed at least one Bayraktar TB2 flying over Tripoli about to land at Mitiga's Military section, under control of GNA-allied forces.

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On 23 August 2020, another Bayraktar TB2 drone was shot down by Syrian Air Defenses near Kafr Nabl, Idlib after being detected spotting targets for Syrian rebels.

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On 19 October 2020, a Bayraktar TB2 was shot down by air defenses of the Armenian Army over Nagorno-Karabakh.

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On 8 November 2020, another Azerbaijani Bayraktar TB2 was shot down by air defense, in southeastern Nagorno-Karabakh.

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In October 2021, a Bayraktar TB2 drone was used for the first time in combat during the war, targeting a Russian separatist artillery position, destroying a D-30 howitzer, and halting the bombardment of Ukrainian troops near Hranitne.

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The popularity of the drone in Ukraine led to a song, "Bayraktar TB2" being written about the drone while throwing insults at the Russian army and the invasion.

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On 17 March 2022, a Bayraktar TB2 was shot down over Kyiv; Russia published images of the drone wreckage.

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