16 Facts About BayWa


BayWa AG is an internationally active group headquartered in Munich.

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BayWa is represented in more than 50 countries through its subsidiaries and holdings.

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BayWa's history goes back to the Bayerische Zentral-Darlehenskasse, which was founded in 1893 and was active in both the banking and commodities business.

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BayWa led the company until the end of National Socialism.

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For example, BayWa convinced farmers of the production-enhancing effect of artificial fertilizer.

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BayWa archives do not provide any information on whether forced laborers were among them, but it can be assumed that they were.

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BayWa responded by expanding its range of machinery as well as maintenance and services in the technology sector.

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BayWa laid the foundation for BayWa DIY superstores and garden centers in 1975 to establish another sales channel.

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In 1970, BayWa was the first company in the industry to introduce electronic data processing into its operations.

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Nevertheless, BayWa had to contend with structural problems in the agricultural sector as well as the construction industry.

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Shareholder structure of BayWa Aktiengesellschaft is determined by Raiffeisen companies from Germany and Austria.

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BayWa is active as an infrastructure provider, operating e-charging stations and LNG filling stations as well as billing systems.

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BayWa Group covers the entire value chain of the agricultural industry, i e from the production to the marketing of agricultural products.

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Internationally, BayWa is one of the most important players in the fruit and vegetable trade and markets pome fruit, tropical fruit, and other fruit and vegetable products worldwide.

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BayWa's building materials trade is aimed at private builders, commercial contractors, craft businesses, and municipalities.

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BayWa Foundation was established by BayWa in 1998 to support educational projects.

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