18 Facts About BBC 2


BBC 2 Two is a British free-to-air public broadcast television network owned and operated by the BBC 2.

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BBC 21 was able to continue broadcasting via its facilities at Alexandra Palace, but all attempts to show the scheduled programmes on the new channel failed.

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Critically for the future of the fledgling channel, the BBC 2's gamble was hugely successful, with an average of six million viewers tuning in per episode: a feat made more prominent by the fact that only 9 million were able to receive the channel at the time.

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On 1 July 1967, during the Wimbledon Championships, BBC 22 became the first channel in Europe to begin regular broadcasts in colour, using the PAL system.

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The ident, created in-house by BBC 2 engineers, lasted until March 1986 and heralded the start of computer-generated logos.

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High-definition simulcast of BBC 2 Two began broadcasting on 26 March 2013, replacing the standalone BBC 2 HD channel.

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In January 2013, BBC 2 Two ceased to show children's programmes and replaced the weekday morning schedule with repeats of the previous BBC 2 One daytime schedule, children's programmes was returned in 2017 and 2022 in saturday morning.

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In 2014, BBC 2 Two commissioned Britain's first transgender sitcom, Boy Meets Girl, which follows the developing relationship between Leo, a 26-year-old man, and Judy, a 40-year-old transgender woman.

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BBC 2 Two is known for broadcasting some news and current affairs programmes.

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The channel stopped broadcasting the show after the 2019 edition due to the fact that the BBC 2 opted for an internal selection in collaboration with BMG Rights Management.

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At the time, BBC 2 Two became the first BBC 2 channel to feature a box logo.

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In 2007, BBC 2 Two debuted the new theme, a "Window on the World", with the 2 numeral providing that view.

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BBC 2 Two has regional variations in Wales and Northern Ireland, which occasionally opt out of the national BBC 2 Two feed to air programmes of local interest.

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Northern Irish version of BBC 2 Two is widely available in the Republic of Ireland on satellite and cable, as well as being received directly in areas bordering Northern Ireland, or in coastal areas from Wales.

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The networked version of BBC 2 Two is available on cable and IPTV in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Monaco and Liechtenstein.

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BBC 2 announced in May 2008 that it had achieved its aim for all programming to have subtitles for viewers with hearing difficulties.

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BBC 2 offers audio description on some popular programmes for visually impaired-viewers as well as sign language interpretation on some of its programmes for deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers.

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In October 2018, the BBC 2 announced that regional variants of BBC 2 Two HD in Wales and Northern Ireland would launch at the end of November that year on terrestrial, satellite and iPlayer.

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