17 Facts About Bedford School


Bedford School is a public school in the county town of Bedford in England.

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Bedford School is composed of the Preparatory School and the Upper School.

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Bedford School has produced six Nobel Prize winner, five recipients of the Victoria Cross, twenty-four rugby internationals, the winners of eight Olympic gold medals, and a former England cricket captain, Alastair Cook.

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Bedford School was named Independent Boys' School of the Year 2021 in the much-coveted annual Independent Schools of the Year Awards.

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New Main Bedford School Building, in Gothic Revival style, included a great hall with galleries opening to classrooms on the second and third floors.

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In 2005, Bedford School was one of fifty of the country's leading independent schools which were accused of running a price-fixing cartel which had allowed them to push up school fees.

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Bedford School estate has seen many developments over the past century, most recently the erection of two new buildings: the new Library in 2004, and the new Music Bedford School in 2006.

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Main Bedford School Building, originally built in 1891, is a Gothic Revival Grade II listed building.

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Bedford School Chapel was completed in 1908 and is a Grade II* listed building.

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The house names, dating from the mid-nineteenth century, refer to areas of Bedford School; boys were originally allocated a house based on the area of town in which they lived.

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Bedford School monitors are selected from amongst the boys of the Upper Sixth.

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Headmaster's colours are the highest form of colours to be awarded at Bedford School and are typically awarded only to one or two boys each year.

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In spite of its voluntary status, the Bedford School Combined Cadet Force is one of the largest CCF contingents of any British school.

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Bedford School produces several magazines, of which the most prominent is The Ousel, published regularly since 1876.

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Bedford School has fielded rugby teams against Marlborough College, Merchant Taylors' School, Mill Hill School, RGS High Wycombe and St Paul's School, amongst other schools.

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School has produced many internationally famous sportsmen, including cricketer Alastair Cook, who went on to captain the England cricket team, and whose coach at Bedford School was sports master and former England batsman Derek Randall.

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Bedford School's appointment was made prior to Bedford School's refoundation in 1552.

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