21 Facts About Bernard Moffatt


Bernard Moffatt was born on April 1946 and is a Manx nationalist who was born in Peel, Isle of Man.

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Bernard Moffatt was educated at Peel Clothworkers School, where Manx dancing classes at the School were organised by Mona Douglas, an icon of the Manx cultural revival.

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Bernard Moffatt was a founder member of Mec Vannin, the Manx Nationalist Party.

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Bernard Moffatt was initially enthusiastically involved in what was then a national movement which saw itself more in a national liberation mold.

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Bernard Moffatt continued in Mec Vannin, occupying several executive positions over the years, and was eventually elected Life President.

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Bernard Moffatt eventually succeeded Bridson as Secretary and was later elected Assistant General Secretary to assist Alan Heusaff in overall stewardship of the League.

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Bernard Moffatt eventually succeeded Heusaff as General Secretary and undertook that office from 1984 to 1988 and 1991 to 2006.

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Bernard Moffatt was interviewed by journalist Veronica Weber in the library vault at MNH with the boxes of files.

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Bernard Moffatt has travelled extensively for the Celtic League, giving papers on nationalism, anti-militarism and civil liberties in the Celtic countries, Switzerland, Romania and Libya.

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Bernard Moffatt joined the TGWU while working for the Forestry Board and was a shop steward in the building industry in the early 1970s.

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Bernard Moffatt left the TGWU and joined the health union COHSE for a period in the mid-1970s, finally rejoining the TGWU in 1980.

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Bernard Moffatt became branch chairman of the main TGWU branch and Chairman of the TGWU Isle of Man District Committee.

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Bernard Moffatt was involved in fuel oil disputes and brewery strikes, and coordinated support for striking miners by blocking imports of coal into the island and raising funds.

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Bernard Moffatt retired as TGWU full-time official but continued as a member of the IOM Trades Council and as Secretary of the IOM Whitley Council for several years.

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Bernard Moffatt retired completely from Trade Union duties in September 2014.

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Bernard Moffatt's daughter Angela Moffatt is a full-time official on the IOM for the white-collar and technical union "Prospect".

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Bernard Moffatt has been active in campaigning for reform of laws relating to civil liberties on the island for four decades.

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Bernard Moffatt has campaigned for the abolition of capital punishment and judicial corporal punishment, for reform of laws outlawing homosexuality, and for prison reform.

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Bernard Moffatt was a founder member with other trade unionists of the Manx Council for Civil Liberty which existed in the 1990s and was successful in seeing changes to civil liberties legislation which reformed all the aforementioned issues.

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Bernard Moffatt was scathing of the Manx government and popular attitudes in the island to civil liberties.

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Bernard Moffatt has presented evidence on behalf of the Celtic League to various international bodies on civil liberties issues.

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